ALGS Year 3 format revealed: LAN events, prize pool, invited teams

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The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is returning for Year 3 with a $5 million prize pool and three international LAN events. The format has slightly changed from Year 2, with fewer teams in Pro League to increase competition.

The Apex Legends esports ecosystem finally got off the ground in 2022 with a return to LAN for the first time in three years and the game’s biggest event, the ALGS Championship in Raleigh.

Respawn and EA are upping the ante in ALGS Year 3 though with a more consolidated system, three guaranteed LAN events, and an equal prize pool of $5 million worldwide. Here’s how the format works.

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ALGS Year 3 is here with a similar format to Year 2, but with a couple of key differences.

ALGS Year 3 format details: Prize pool, LAN events

The ALGS Year 3 format will follow very closely to the one set out in Year 2 ⁠— but with the three guaranteed LANs on the table following the success of Stockholm and Raleigh.

There is a $5 million USD prize pool split across the five regions, which remains unchanged from the Year 2 reward. This includes big prizes at the Split 1 and 2 Playoffs, both held on LAN, as well as the ALGS Championship in 2023.

There will still be promotion and relegation between Pro League and Challenger Circuit, with the top tier two teams being rewarded for great performances more frequently, and the bottom top-flight teams having to fight for their lives.

Eligibility for ALGS has dropped from Gold IV to Silver IV, opening up the playing field to more. However, all participants must compete on PC through Steam.

ALGS Year 3 invited teams: All regions

While there are a number of teams continuing from ALGS Year 2 into Year 3, the overall number of teams in Pro League has been cut from 40 to 30 per region. 22 of the teams have been invited, with the final eight in the five regions fighting through the Challenger Circuit for a spot.

The Preseason Qualifiers will take place across October 2022 ahead of the launch of ALGS Year 3 Split 1 on November 6.

The invited Pro League teams are all top performers from ALGS Year 2. This includes all the big names: TSM, NRG, Furia, Sentinels, SCARZ, GMT Esports, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, FENNEL ⁠— the list goes on. The biggest move is DarkZero, with the ALGS Champions hailing from APAC South moving to North America for the next season.

You can find a full list of the invited teams to ALGS Year 3 below, split into their respective regions.

APAC NorthAPAC SouthEMEANorth AmericaSouth America
aDAdal WolvesACEND100 Thieves1IQ
Crazy RaccoonANT Esports CLubAllianceAtlanta Premier1 Shoot Esports
DetonatioN GamingAntiaaATKCLGAlpha Intelligence
DeToNatorAXHXHVYAYM EsportsCloud9BreakingRulleZ
Donuts USGBuriram United EsportsBoshComplexityBrotherhood
ENTER FORCE.36Dewa United EsportsEko EsportsDarkZeroFragsters
FC DestroyDMLElectrify SteelElev8 EntertainmentFusion E-Sports
FloraDreamFireFA KittiesG-FORCEHeat
FnaticEXO ClanFire BeaversG2 EsportsHorus
FOR7HorizonFlavor of the MonthLuminosityInfinity
Funny LocoMDY WhiteForg GangNRGInsanity
GHS ProfessionalMoist EsportsGMT EsportsOpTic GamingLeaveNoWitness
IGZISTNLNHorizonOxygen EsportsMost Valuable
KiiNorth Side EsportInvictus GamingRenegadesNo Org
Lag GamingNXL WOLFPACKNatus VincereSentinelsODDIK
MeteorPrimis KomandaNemesisSpacestation GamingOnlyFlans
MushikingRevenant EsportsNessyTeam LiquidPirate Dream
Orthros FangStinkyBReply TotemTorrentTeam Singularity
REJECTWe Are TrashTeam EmpireTSMTropa Do Justo
Riddle 456X10 EsportsVexed GamingTBAValhalla

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