Aceu reveals how many times he’s been reported as a cheater in Apex Legends

Aceu Apex Legends reportRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has revealed how many times his account has been reported, and it’s an unbelievably high number.

Like any competitive shooter, Apex Legends suffers from its fair share of cheaters, hackers, and exploiters.

Whether it’s the use of aimbots, DDoSing servers, or even equipping akimbo weapons to take down players in an instant, Respawn is constantly banning accounts for the use of third-party software.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are also a lot of highly-skilled players that are falsely reported after an opponent suspects they’re cheating, and no one has experienced this more than aceu.

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Pulling off mind-blowing Wingman shots nearly every single match, it’s safe to say a few of the enemies he’s killed over the years have been a little suspicious. So, after speaking to a Respawn dev, aceu finally decided to reveal how many players had reported his account.

apex legends wingmanRespawn Entertainment
Aceu is known for his incredible skill with the Wingman in Apex Legends.

Aceu has been reported 721 times in Apex Legends

During his March 9 stream while warming up in the Firing Range, aceu decided to share with his viewers how many times his account had been reported.

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After speaking to Respawn’s Security Analyst Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, the streamer was able to find out exactly how many times he’d been accused of cheating by his opponents.

In total, aceu’s account has been reported a whopping 721 times, so it’s safe a lot of enemies on the receiving end of his shots thought he was using third-party software.

Although some Apex personalities may have found it concerning, aceu made it clear he was proud of the achievement and even joked about hitting 1,000 one day.

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If aceu continues to dominate in Apex Legends and keep it as his main title while streaming, it’s likely he’ll hit the 1k milestone in no time.

Hopefully, he keeps his viewers posted on the report count and checks back with Hideouts in a few months to see how much it has increased.

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