Aceu mind blown after being killed by Apex Legends cheater using “dual-wield aimbot”

Shay Robson
Aceu with Apex Legends Storm Point map behind him

Popular Apex Legends player and streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn was left stunned after falling to the hands of a cheater using an overpowered dual-wield aimbot.

The Apex Legends community is no stranger to hacks and exploits. That remains the case in to February 2022 when a brand-new Apex Legends hack surfaced, as an influx of cheaters found a way to dual-wield any weapons in-game.

Despite Apex Legends having no functionality for dual-wielding, hackers have still managed to manipulate the game to allow them to wield two weapons at once. Furthermore, when pairing it with an aimbot hack, it’s unstoppable in lobbies.

Now, even the biggest names in the popular battle royale are facing the issue, including Aceu – who was left absolutely speechless after coming across a dual-wielding aimbot cheater.

Twitter: acesu
Aceu is one of the most popular Apex Legends players.

During his March 5 broadcast, Aceu’s teammate was suddenly obliterated by what could only be a cheater. Upon realizing that their opponent was also dual-wielding weapons, the team tried their hardest to eliminate the player.

Despite their best efforts, the streamer’s squad was ultimately decimated, leaving the popular pro player lost for words. “Mans got the Akimbo, he’s got the Devo and Wingman right there,” said Aceu. “Look at this dude, look at this dude I can’t wait to see it, this sh*t looks so funny. This sh*t is so goofy. This is gold, I’m trying to be like this dude.”

Out of nowhere, the cheater then began switching between weapons and spawning in new ones: “Oh we’ve got the akimbo Wingman! This is sick,” Aceu added. “He’s got the whole arsenal!”

The pro player continued by sending a message to Respawn developer Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, and after a few more minutes of causing chaos, the cheater was thankfully banned from the game.

Players will be worried, though, as dual-wielding hackers grow more common. Here’s hoping we don’t see many more clips like this.