Undead Unluck Episode 6 Release date and time 

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Undead Unluck Episode 6 will arrive pretty soon, so here’s everything you should know about its release schedule.

Undead Unluck kicked off as a horror-comedy series that found a place in every anime enthusiast’s watch list. With the release of its premiere episode, it started trending online, making the community curious about it. Of course, it didn’t create as much hype as Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 or Attack on Titan’s final season, but it has undoubtedly garnered a loyal anime fanbase.

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As expected, the series initially came off as a light-hearted story with a little mix of action and drama. However, things quickly went dark when the series’ fifth episode brought the most evil villain to the picture.

Every fan is waiting to see how Fuuko and Andy will deal with the new enemy in the forthcoming episodes.

Undead Unluck Episode 6: Release date and time

Undead Unluck Episode 6 will be released on Friday, November 10, 2023. The release time will vary depending on your region, and here’s a time schedule you can check out to track the episode on Hulu:

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  • 9:23am PDT
  • 10:23am Mountain Time
  • 11:23am CDT
  • 12:23pm EDT
  • 5:23pm UK
  • 6:23pm European Time
  • 9:53pm IST

What happened in Undead Unluck Episode 5?

While Andy and Fuuko talk about Gina’s death, the duo is taken to the Union HQ. They meet Tatiana, who accuses Andy of Gina’s demise. Before Andy and Tatiana can fight, they are interrupted by Billy’s powers. After that, a mysterious book reveals to every member of the Union that they have to finish the assigned missions before August 31.

Andy and Fuuko also learn that the Union is assigned several missions by the Artifact Apocalypse every three months, and if they succeed, they get rewards. Otherwise, they get penalized if they fail in the tasks. Moreover, the rewards come in the form of the strength every member gets to fight the enemies.

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When Fuuko raises questions about the working style of the Union, Juiz tells her that if she wants to bring change to the system, she should earn the leading position by getting more rewards. Fuuko, at this point, realizes that she can’t do anything good just by complaining and screaming at people. So, she decides to take matters into her own hands, but first, she has to excel in every mission of the Artifact Apocalypse.

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