The Rising of the Shield Hero: 5 biggest unanswered plot points

Savannah Howard
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 posterCrunchyroll

The Rising of the Shield Hero is among the most popular isekai anime. However, the series has also left us with many unanswered plot points – here are 5 of the biggest.

Praised for its dark tone, complex characters, and unique take on the zero-to-hero storyline as seen in Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Bleach, The Rising of the Shield Hero has won a place in fans’ hearts worldwide.

The story follows Naofumi Iwatani, a gamer summoned to a parallel world as one of the four chosen heroes tasked with saving the realm from a looming disaster. However, things get more complicated when Naofumi is betrayed and falsely accused of assault by Princess Myne Melromarc, which results in him becoming a social outcast. Driven by rage, he begins a journey to clear his name and seek revenge against those who wronged him.

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However, since the series debuted in 2019, several unanswered plot points have emerged. With season 3 currently airing on Crunchyroll, perhaps it can provide the answers we’re seeking.

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Our five biggest unanswered plot points

The Rising of the Shield Hero is known for its unique journey and complex characters. However, as the series continues, it has left fans with numerous questions about its complicated world. Here are five of the biggest.

1. Who gave Fitoria her life task and why?

Fitoria in Rising of the Shield HeroCrunchyroll

Fitoria is first introduced in Season 1, Episode 16 as an ancient and powerful Filolial Queen. However, there are gaps in her backstory that have left fans questioning her overall role and motives.

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The series reveals that an unnamed ancient hero who raised her tasked her with maintaining order among the Legendary Heroes. But for many, this isn’t enough motivation. With the hero long gone, her true motivations and level of involvement in shaping their destinies remain vague. Putting the world and character-building in The Rising of the Shield Hero under the spotlight.

2. Why did Naofumi choose Raphtalia?

Rataphalia and NaofumiCrunchyroll

Naofumi’s decision to select Raphtalia as his slave in the early episodes set many of the exciting elements of this series in motion. But besides her low price, the anime doesn’t explore why he was so drawn to her. Or why he decided to trust a stranger after so many people betrayed him in this world. Some fans speculate it’s because she was his slave, others because of some unknown force. However, the anime doesn’t reveal the true reason why (unlike the light novel).

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The light novel explains these complexities much better. However, since his choice significantly impacts the storyline, the anime would benefit from delving into Naofumi’s thought process.

3. What’s the significance of the Heroes’ weapons?

The legendary weapons in Rising of the Shield HeroCrunchyroll

The Legendary weapons are pivotal in the fight against the Waves of Catastrophe (we’ll come to these later). However, the anime once again left out significant plot details from the light novels resulting in unanswered questions for fans.

For example, just like in Harry Potter‘s wands, the allocation criteria for the heroes remains shrouded in mystery. Is it based on personality? The sentience of the weapons? Or is it based on something else? This ambiguity has left fans wondering about the true nature of these extraordinary weapons and why they’re so strongly bonded to their hero – if they are chosen at all.

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4. Why does the King hate Naofumi so much?


This one falls into character-building again. Maybe we should just go with what the anime tells us without thinking too deeply. However, many fans can’t help but wonder why the King hated Naofumi from the get-go.

This seemingly irrational disdain sets the stage for much of the internal conflict in the story. However, the exact reasons for this intense hostility remain unexplained in the anime. His ongoing animosity towards Naofumi, even after the latter has proven himself as a worthy hero, leaves fans questioning the King’s motivations.

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5. The inconsistencies surrounding the Waves of Calamity

Rising of the Shield Hero Waves of CalamityCrunchyroll

The Waves of Calamity once made perfect sense – driven by ancient god-like entities, they serve as the core threat in the story. These waves cause fierce monster invasions and act as the catalyst for summoning Naofumi to this strange new world.

However, why are other countries able to survive the waves without heroes to protect them? Why do they cause no significant loss of human life? Fans have turned to social media to raise questions about the actual level of danger posed by the waves and whether heroes are actually needed to fight them or if there’s a hidden reason behind Naofumi being summoned.

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You might think we’re being a little picky about these unanswered plot points in The Rising of the Shield Hero anime. Especially when many are answered in the light novel. However, the questions they raise offer opportunities for fans to explore the source material, engage in debate, and uncover the hidden aspects of this captivating isekai universe. Still, there’s a shared hope among fans that the world builders will eventually address these lingering questions.

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