One Piece Chapter 1109 release date & spoilers: More enemies appear

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One Piece Luffy chapter 1106 release date

One Piece Chapter 1109 features a shocking turn of events as more enemies appear – so here’s the release date and major spoilers.

One Piece is currently at the peak of its Final Saga as the Egghead arc draws near its end. The previous chapter begins with Caribou requesting Catarina Devon and Van Agur to meet Blackbeard. He promises to give him a valuable piece of information, and no doubt, it’s about the ancient weapons.

However, Devon and Agur do not trust Caribou’s words. The chapter doesn’t specify if Caribou will be able to meet Blackbeard. The fight still continues on Egghead as Luffy stalls Saturn and Kizaru before asking Sanji to take Vegapunk away.

Vegapunk is barely alive after receiving fatal wounds from both Saturn and Kizaru. The chapter ends with the shocking message being broadcast to the world, teasing the revelation of the World Government’s darkest secrets. Delve deeper to find out the release date and major spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1109.

One Piece Chapter 1109 release date and time

Since there is no break this week, One Piece Chapter 1109 will be released on March 3 at 7am PT. You can find your time zone below:

  • 11:00am Eastern Time
  • 4:00pm British Time
  • 5:00pm European Time
  • 8:30pm Indian Time
  • 11:00pm Philippine Time

One Piece Chapter 1109 spoilers

One Piece Vegapunk message Chapter 1109

One Piece Chapter 1109 is titled “Obstruction.” It begins with Vegapunk’s message, where all the satellites are also there. Shaka requests everyone to prepare their visual den den mushi. However, the chapter doesn’t reveal what Vegapunk’s message really is.

The five elders are sure that Vegapunk is dead after Kizaru’s attack. And they’re worried his death triggered the worldwide broadcast. Several people across the world are planning to hear what Vegapunk has to say. We first see Rebecca, Leo, and Kyros in Dressora. Then, in Foosha Village, Woop Slap appears while Vivi is still with Wapol. Iceburg also watches everything in Water 7.

Ivankov and Dragon are listening as the latter remembers Shaka telling him he was about to die. The chapter also shows several reactions from across the world. Back to Egghead, Luffy is easily beating up Saturn and Kizaru and uses his new attack.

However, no matter how many times Luffy attacks him, Saturn remains uninjured. That’s considering the fact that the old man is taking serious hits when Luffy is in his Gear 5 form. As the chapter ends, the other four elders also come to Egghead using the same summoning circle.

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