10 most satisfying moments in anime

Tristan Stringer

Have you ever witnessed a moment in an anime that gave you goosebumps with how satisfying it was? We certainly have, so we’re listing off the most satisfying moments in anime

The main selling point of anime is that many series are plot-driven and are worth watching for the story alone, supported further by the characters and action. Rarely do most series in fiction get the opportunity to tie everything back together, let alone in anime, in a satisfying way, but when they do, it can create some of the most satisfying moments you’ll see in animated television.

So today, we’ll be ranking what we consider the most satisfying moments in anime. “Satisfying” is a strange term with little description, so we’re counting unforgettable fighting moments, villains getting their just desserts, and those well-deserved heartwarming story moments of satisfaction. Fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

10. Casca (briefly) comes back to us: Berserk

Ever since the devastating Eclipse, Casca’s mind has fallen from a mighty warrior to a frail girl who needs constant supervision in the hostile world of Berserk. With no memory of her friends, she’s very nervous about Guts, who she loves, due to his poor methods of taking care of Casca at first. So, after a long journey to Elfhelm, Casca finally gets her memories back with the help of Farnese and Schierke.

Of course, the happy moments in Berserk never last, so this is a brief moment of genuine hope that everything will finally be okay for Guts and Casca. She’s finally back and in a safe location; that was the point of the quest and made Guts consider if going after Griffith is even worth it and living out their lives safely on Elfhelm. That is, of course, until Griffith swoops in, ruining everything.

9. Trunks kills the androids and Cell in his timeline: Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z trunks and android 17

Trunks’ story is an incredibly sad one, more so when you realize his struggles in the past with the Z Warriors just made the situation worse for them. So when he finally returns to his future timeline, he wipes the floor with the androids and an imperfect Cell; it feels like he’s cleaning up his mess.

After showing up a cyborg Frieza, Trunks fails to measure up against most threats of the Android Saga, only managing to throw hands with semi-perfect Cell at the chagrin of his proud father Vegeta, who demands they let him achieve his perfect form for the challenge. Trunks has to put up with a lot, so when he goes back to the future he enjoys a one-sided fight and some much deserved peace.


My Hero Academia is chockful of exciting superpowers, but few can match the strength and charisma of All Might. Though his fights often leave him as brittle as a skeleton in his more down-to-earth true form, he’s always willing to put it all on the line for the sake of good and to protect those close to him.

During his rematch with All for One, despite all odds against him, All Might pull off one last North American-themed attack so patriotic we’re surprised you don’t hear eagle cries simultaneously. The cinematic impact, the music, and the sheer force everyone feels when the punch lands make this one of the most satisfying moments in modern anime.

7. Gohan finally puts down Perfect Cell: Dragon Ball Z

The Cell saga was a pivotal point in Gohan's story, and a memorable arch for every fan.

Cell makes his presence known as soon as he arrives on the scene, a disgusting bug man going around absorbing people, and when he finally achieves his perfect form, he knows that almost nothing can stop him. That is except for a pre-teen Gohan, who finally gets his spotlight moment in the series.

A big plus goes to the art team for how detailed they go into Cell being destroyed. Literally ripping him apart, breaking Cell down molecule by molecule until nothing remains. It’s the perfect ending to a series of uphill fights for the Z Warriors.

6. Naruto’s welcome home: Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto‘s dream may be to become Hokage, but underlying tones of him just wanting to be accepted by the citizens of Hidden Leaf Village and becoming someone they could rely on and have faith in as a person exist within this dream.

Wanting the people to finally look past his previous shenanigans and his connection to the nine-tailed fox. This hero’s welcome is a big payoff for Naruto finally getting what he truly wants.

5. Goku turns Super Saiyan and lays the smackdown on Frieza: Dragon Ball Z

This scene from Dragon Ball Z feels like required reading when you first get into anime. The setup, the execution, it’s all perfect. The Z Warriors helplessly watched Frieza kill Krillin, Goku’s Namek shaking anger, the music, the lightning raining from the sky, and finally Goku exploding, his hair and eyes changing color into this strange new form that would become one of the most iconic moments in anime history. Nothing else needs to be said.

4. Ash finally becomes a Champion: Pokemon

Any Pokemon fan who grew up with the television series knows how painful it felt whenever Ash made it to the big final championship match only to come up short. In the context of the series, it makes sense to make Ash continue his Pokemon journey to the next region and try to become a champion in their neck of the woods.

Ash finally becomes a champion first in Alola and then again in Galar as the best trainer, with all of his past Pokemon watching from home and most of his friends in attendance. Not just them, but we were there, too; we’ve finally seen Ash win, and that’s special. It makes sense that the series moves on from Ash with new protagonists from his win, leaving him coming out on top.

3. Roy Mustang exacts his revenge on Envy: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist is full of satisfying moments, but most of them come with the set up of trauma-inducing loss for characters within the series. The recipient of a firey battering is Envy, who possesses the saddest anime death under his belt with the murder of Maes Hughes, one of the few genuinely good people in the series and best friend of Colonel Mustang.

Though we don’t get to see a lot of Mustang’s flame alchemy in action, the catharsis felt by Mustang, and probably fans alike, is so extreme that Mustang needs to be pulled back from the edge of madness by Riza Hawkeye. This isn’t a fight; it’s a satisfying punishment for one of the villains responsible for the worst tragedies in the series.

2. Scar kills Shou Tucker: Fullmetal Alchemist

We’re totally not holding a personal grudge here at all. Shou Tucker is one of the most infamous names in anime, with one of the most notorious crimes under his belt, using his daughter and pet dog to make a new talking creature to save his job. At the time, every character in the scene and fans watching took extreme exception to this and quickly hated this twisted man.

The man behind one of the most evil tragedies in anime history deserves a horrible fate, and Scar comes along with a literal touch of death to put Tucker down and put Nina out of her misery. Though Tucker arrives as a quiet shut-in who focuses only on his work and daughter, wanting to help the Elric brothers, the situation takes a massive twist to, “Oh, this guy gotta die.”

1: Luffy punches a Celestial Dragon, One Piece

Celestial Dragons are the direct descendants of the founders of the World Government in One Piece; this means they have the most power in the world. The scene is set perfectly with the Celestial Dragon hurting one of Luffy’s friends, laughing about it, and Luffy slowly approaches with the most grimacing look on his face. Worst Generation onlookers say, “Hold on a minute,” and “Is he serious?”, then BAM.

While Luffy pays severely for this action by having a Marine Admiral, Pacifista targets the crew and ultimately causes the separation of the crew via Bartholomew Kuma. That feeling of an arrogant person who knows they have the power to get away with it just getting slugged in the mouth is so satisfying.

Those are our picks for most satisfying moments in anime, which scratched that itch the most for you? Moving forward, My Hero Academia fans will about the new release date of the next chapter, and in terms of other rankings we recommend the best fights in One Piece and the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Z.