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WoW prediction master reveals verdict for next expansion

Published: 29/Jan/2022 0:46

by Bill Cooney


A Chinese WoW player who correctly called the last two expansions for the game is back with their prediction for what’s coming next, and it goes along with several hints we’ve seen recently.

Shadowlands has reached that phase where most players have done all there is to do besides endgame content, and are looking forward to the next major expansion.

We don’t know exactly what it will entail, but in addition to hints, we now have the take of one of the most reputable predictors in the WoW community: Chinese player solicct, who correctly foretold both Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands as well.


WoW prediction master makes 10.0 call

The post was made on Chinese WoW blog National Geographic Azeroth on January 24, but wasn’t discovered by western players until January 27. In it, solicct predicted that 10.0 will have to do with dragons, right along with hints we’ve already seen.

“10.0 and 11.0 should correspond to dragons and elemental lords, respectively, and both lines will come to an end,” a translation of the post reads.

The next WoW expansion (10.0) being about dragons goes along very nicely with hints we’ve already seen. Such as the “Dragon Pack” from the official Blizzard store, and unused assets of the “Dragon Isles” zone popping up once again.


Dragon Isles was originally intended as a level 65-70 raid area, but for some reason or another was never actually added to the game. Now though, it seems all signs are pointing for it to finally come out in 10.0.

Blizzard Entertainment
Dragon Isles was meant to be a level 65-70 raid area, but was never added to the game.

Of course, we can’t say with 100 percent certainty that the next WoW expansion will definitely be dragon themed, but based on everything we’ve seen it does seem more and more likely as time goes on, and Shadowlands gets closer to wrapping up.

We don’t have an exact date for when Shadowlands will finish and the next expansion will kick off, but it might not happen until 2023, so we could have a ways to wait to see if solicct is able to go three for three on expansion predictions.