WoW players discover major clue for next expansion after Shadowlands

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

WoW players might have discovered a big clue about the game’s next expansion, which could finally be taking fans to the Dragon Isles.

Shadowlands is reaching that point where players are looking forward to the next chapter of the game, and it’s looking likely dragons will be involved.

On December 17, Blizzard launched a new sale for a mount/pet bundle called The Dragon Pack. It offers a number of scaly mounts and pets, but some players also think it could be a clue to the next WoW expansion.

Dragons have featured heavily in WoW multiple times already, but this next expansion could finally take us to an area of the map that’s been sitting around unused for over a decade.

This would be The Dragon Isles, an area originally designed around the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008, but never got used. It was meant as a raid area, but after assets were added for the beta and alpha, it hasn’t been touched again since.

The first in-game canonical references to this area was only added in Battle for Azeroth. The description for the Unscarred Black Scale item mentions that Wrathion, one of the few black dragons left, “is searching for the isles but other dragons have not been forthcoming in information.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Dragon Isles was meant to be a level 65-70 raid area, but was never added to the game.

Based on this new pack from Blizzard, it’s not very surprising a lot of players think the next WoW expansion will finally open this area up. Not only that, but it could even mean Dragonkin might be getting added as a playable race.

We can’t say for certain the next expansion will be bringing players back to their roots questing and playing in Azeroth proper, instead of a whole new area like the Shadowlands, but Blizzard does seem to be all about dragons headed into 2022.