WoW players unearth secret change to hunter’s pets after patch 10.0.5

Tyler Kitts
Fans discover size changes to Hunter pets in most recent patch update.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players have discovered a secret change to hunter’s pets after WoW patch 10.0.5.

The 10.0.5 patch for World of Warcraft was released on January 24, bringing with it lots of new changes and fixes to the game. 

One change that was not mentioned in the patch notes, though, has made the sizing of pets smaller than before according to some players.

A Reddit post has captured the comparisons – before and after the patch – showing the scale differences.

WoW hunter’s pets change in size with patch 10.0.5

Players discover secret changes to pet sizing.

Some members of the community have commented that the changes are welcome. One said: “I can’t imagine how obnoxious that is for melee,” referencing the height that the player would be on a mount while trying to fight in melee combat. 

Another commented in praise of the fix, writing: “Thank god. As a hunter main it drives me insane they’re so big.” 

The change has also brought forth another possibility that the sizing of pets can be selective to the player’s own choice. It is already possible that certain NPCs will look different depending on the person, so some users have wondered… Why not add that same ability to pets?

Another said: “Even with just one BM Hunter in the group it’s hard to see ground effects, and with 2 you just don’t see anything anymore.”

Although others advocate for the bigger pets, for instance, if one has a mammoth with lava hoofs, they would want it to be the size of a mammoth and not downsized to that of a horse.

The changes have made the community seek to find some middle ground with the new scaling. It is not certain if Blizzard will go back in to allow such tweaks for personal preference in a future update, so we will have to wait and see.