WoW Mechaspider mount gets secret update and it’s now an X-Wing fighter

x wing mechaspider wowActivision Blizzard / Wookieepedia

World of Warcraft’s Mechaspider mount is getting a buff that no one asked for, but no one is rejecting either, as fans are obsessed with its new animation.

In WoW, mounts are so much of what players put into their character’s customization and give each their own unique style.

Some are more fitting of the mystical and medieval feel the game has had to it for years, but others bring fans out to a more futuristic setting.

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One such mount is the Mechaspider which, until the latest PTR update, was nothing to get excited about. Now, fans are dying to take to the skies in their very own X-Wing.

Mechaspider now becomes an X-Wing when flying… sort of

wow mechaspiderActivision Blizzard
Before this update, the mechaspider wasn’t anything special when it comes to mounts.

Mounts in WoW have a variety of different use cases, but most use them to get around the map quickly and with some pizazz.

And with a new update coming to the PTR, fans have a new favorite mount that is anything but what you would expect.

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The Scrapforged Mechaspider mount now turns into an airship when taking to the skies and can even function as a submarine underwater. The change has fans obsessed and wanting their own.

The upgrade was shared to the WoW subreddit and immediately shot up the front page, receiving nearly 3,000 upvotes and 220+ comments lauding it.

“I’ve got to admit that this is the coolest mount going,” wrote the top comment.

Many others in the comments immediately took to comparing the flying animation of the mount to the X-Wing in Star Wars, which is a fair comparison when you watch it.

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“Spider to X-wing, I’m down with this,” with a response of “Cut the chatter, Red 2!” is sure to ring true for the fans of the sci-fi franchise out there.

As of right now, this is only on the game’s PTR. However, with the reception it’s getting here, it’s hard to believe the updates to the Mechaspider won’t make the live version before it’s all said and done.

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