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WoW players want a TV series after Microsoft buyout

Published: 20/Jan/2022 18:20

by Lawrence Scotti


World of Warcraft players are already asking Microsoft to make a TV series based on the popular MMO, after the news that they will acquire Activision Blizzard fully in 2023.

Microsoft has helped develop their other IP, such as Halo and Fallout, into television series previously. This has led to speculation from WoW fans that the game could receive the same treatment, once the deal is finalized.

Members of the community were shocked on January 18 when it was confirmed that Microsoft’s was acquiring Activision Blizzard in a roughly $70 billion deal.

Although the deal won’t be official for quite some time, World of Warcraft players were quick to begin fantasizing about the potential good that could come from the buyout. Twitch star Asmongold voiced two specific things he’d like to see Microsoft bring to WoW, one being console integration.


Now, players are hoping Microsoft can bring WoW to the television screen as they have with their other IPs.

WoW players beg Microsoft to make TV series

A post to the WoW subreddit from user Murdash gained traction for making a public plea to Microsoft to make a show based on World of Warcraft.

The post was titled, “Microsoft already has a Fallout TV Series going on. Now they own Warcraft too. Let’s hope the Blizzard IPs receive the love they deserve.”

Many of Microsoft’s gaming IPs, such as Halo and Fallout, are currently being turned into TV series.

The last time World of Warcraft was brought to the big screen was 2016’s Warcraft, a major box office flop that the fanbase has largely forgotten about.


One comment below the Reddit post pointed out that Riot’s success with Arcane could be the blueprint, “The Arcane series has made me realize how absolutely criminal it is that we don’t have any good long-form video content of the Warcraft universe.”

Microsoft won’t actually own Activision Blizzard for quite some time, but when they do, they will have the opportunity to deliver on what nobody has done before: successfully bring Azeroth to the big screen.