WoW guild mocked for only recruiting “moderately attractive women”

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World of Warcraft fans were left in hysterics after a recruitment ad for a guild said that “moderately attractive” female applicants would be given “special treatment.”

Guilds are integral part of the WoW community. Not only do these groups take the fantasy MMO to a whole new level, but also provide players from across the world with a strong support group.

To make their groups more inclusive, many guilds have also been branching out to encourage WoW from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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However, one advertisement from a WoW guild missed the mark a a little bit. On a positive note, it did encourage more women to get involved in the male-dominated field…but only the “moderately attractive” ones.

WoW guild recruitment ad goes viral

On August 8, Reddit-user ‘Atlas Destiny‘ shared a recruitment call out they’d found from a WoW guild which seemed a bit odd.

Although the name of the guild was omitted it was described as being “new-ish” and so it was on the lookout for new members to “fill [its] roster.” However, it added: “We accept anyone, but moderately attractive women will be given special treatment.”

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Reddit-users were sent into hysterics over the ad with the post picking up 3.5k likes, as of writing.

Many saw as it a chance to poke fun at the guild, with one viewer referencing Norman Osbourne’s iconic line from 2002’s Spider-Man: “You know, I’m something of an attractive woman myself.” Although, others were concerned as to what exactly the “special treatment” part of the ad meant.

Although, one WoW fan argued: “I like the standard of moderately attractive. There’s nothing better when courting someone than saying hey, ‘I think you are moderately attractive.’ Not too shabby I would say. You don’t suck, I mean. You’re solid 5.”

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WoW guilds wanting to include a more diverse range of players in their group is always a fantastic thing. However, this call-out is certainly not the way to go about it.

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