WoW guild’s classy gesture for a player’s wife suffering with cancer goes viral

David Purcell
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A World of Warcraft guild has been applauded from all corners of the game’s community after sending a thoughtful care package to a member’s wife, who is suffering from cancer.

Quite often, online communities on social media for video games will be filled with posts that show “toxic” fans or griefers. Though, if you needed any proof that this community can come together at times of serious sadness – it is this.

The group is made up of a raid team for the guild

On July 13, members of Mad Lads decided to support one of their teammates as their partner is battling Leukemia.

WoW guild goes viral with message to player’s wife

Posted to the World of Warcraft subreddit, user cashinginmyonetime revealed the thoughtful message their wife had received from the guild, on top of what appears to be several other cards.

The poster said: “Without knowing me, my guild sent my wife a care package, including gift cards for takeout, snacks, toys for our kids, and more.”

They explained the wife has been in hospital for cancer treatment.

“You may not really know us but you have an entire guild rooting for you,” the letter says. “We can imagine the road ahead looks kind of scary but we are confident that you are going to kick Leukemia’s ass.”

It continues: “Just remember Ryan is a mythic raider and he’s used to going up against terrible foes so lean on him whenever you need a little extra support. Together, ya’ll got this!”

At the time of writing, the post has racked up over 12,000 upvotes, with hundreds of comments supporting the family.

One said: “This is fantastic to see. Lovely friends you have in that guild. Best of luck to your loved ones and you mate.” Another said: “NOW this is the WOW community being awesome!! Guys people like this are still around!!”

It just goes to show that while these players may live miles apart and possibly never meet, there is still a great sense of community in World of Warcraft.