WoW Dragonflight players hitting max level instantly with XP boost trick

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WoW Dragonflight players are utilizing the copious amounts of XP boosts currently available to hit the maximum level at record speeds.

WoW Dragonflight’s pre-patch event is live, bringing the first batch of big changes to the long-running MMORPG.

In the first part of the pre-patch, developer Blizzard Entertainment unleashed the new UI changes, the brand new race & class combinations, and the Winds of Wisdom 50% XP boost to all players.

On top of that, the WoW 18th Anniversary event has brought even more XP boosts that are helping players level up their alt character at blazing speeds.

WoW Dragonflight XP boosts help max alt characters

WoW players are stacking up all the pre-expansion XP bonuses currently in the game to get their characters to a maximum level almost instantly.

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One player documented all of the bonuses they had at once which included WoW’s 18th Anniversary, the Darkmoon bonus, the Enlisted bonus, Winds of Wisdom, and Rested XP, creating an unbelievable concoction of buffs.

When Dragonflight officially launches in late November, the Anniversary bonus will go away. Even earlier on November 15, the Winds of Wisdom will go away, making it increasingly harder to level a character.

One player explained why leveling a character with all of the extra bonuses feels so good, “Leveling right now feels REALLY well paced. Even without war mode or the Darkmoon Faire buffs, just Winds of Wisdom and the Anniversary buff are enough to make you feel like you’re making really good progress with every quest you complete.”

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If you are looking to level a character for Dragonflight, there is no better time than right now.