WoW Dragonflight players demand major changes for professions ahead of release

Lawrence Scotti
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World of Warcraft players are hoping Blizzard makes huge alterations to how professions work once the Dragonflight expansion drops.

WoW’s upcoming expansion Dragonflight is set to massively shakeup to the popular MMO, adding both a new class, Evoker, and a new race, Dracthyr.

While Dragonflight is going to add tons of new content and change crucial systems like talent trees, there’s one specific system that WoW players are pleading with Blizzard to change.

Blizzard Entertainment
Dragonflight is slated for a Holiday 2022 release date.

WoW Dragonflight fans demand changes to professions

Reddit user Nyko7 posted to the WoW subreddit asking Blizzard to make big changes to how main professions work.

Inside the post, which instantly shot to the top of the subreddit, they explained why the company should make drastic changes to professions, “Blizzard should remove Herbalism, Mining and Skinning from ‘main professions’ category and put them into ‘secondary professions’, or make a ‘gathering professions’ category for them so players are not forced to pick Skinning when they want to do Leatherworking, and then it blocks slot for another more exciting/better profession like Engineering/Alchemy, etc.”

Although they labeled the post an ‘Unpopular Opinion’, many in the comment section believed that the changes would be a good idea.

One user said, “They should let you do all of them, it is weird you can throw a fireball, but you can’t pick up a flower and a rock at the same time.”

Although Dragonflight does plan to rework a ton of how professions work, none of the changes are as fundamental as players would like to see.

With some months left before the launch of the expansion, WoW faithful’s are hoping Blizzard is still listening to feedback.