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WoW Classic is so popular, Blizzard had to open new servers already

Published: 27/Aug/2019 0:42 Updated: 28/Aug/2019 10:19

by Alan Bernal


World of Warcraft Classic is proving to be too popular among players as Blizzard Entertainment is introducing new servers mere hours after its August 26 launch.

The WoW creators have been seeing major player loads on its Classic servers as millions have been itching to experience the revolutionary MMO as it was when it first released.

But the hype wave might have been a bit too big for what they were expecting, especially since streamers have already picked their servers of choice, which is instantly bombarding the game with players and quickly filling up server spaces.

In response to the “very high demand” that Blizzard is seeing, they have actually opened up five new servers and the company are asking players to join them in lieu of the ones that have been full since the game launched.

“Due to very high demand, we’ve opened five new WoW Classic realms in this region,” Blizzard Community Manager ‘Kalvax’ said. “Ashkandi, Kirtonos, Kromcrush, Kurinnaxx, (and) Rattlegore.”

It should be noted that the Ashkandi, Kirtonos and Kromcrush are Eastern servers, with only Ashkandi being a Normal server as opposed to a PVP one.

BlizzardSeems like there’s a ton of demand to play WoW Classic.

Meanwhile Kurinnaxx and Rattlegore are both Pacific PVP servers for players to log into.

This is a direct countermeasure to the hour-plus queue times that WoW Classic already has, as players rushed to click the red “Enter World” button as soon as it went live.

“We suggest that players choosing a realm consider one of these (new servers),” Kalvax said. “As other realms currently marked as ‘Full’ population will experience extended queues.”

Blizzard EntertainmentThe new servers are already relieving a ton of wait times for WoW players.

In the moments leading up to WoW Classic’s launch, there was already over half a million people tuning into Twitch channels even though the content was largely streamers waiting in the login screen.

If anything, that’s a major credit to the hype that the game and its community have created in anticipation for classic WoW playthroughs.

Old-school WoW players know how much of a grind the game truly is without modern updates and mechanics, but that still hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of people to line up for the game’s wait time.

World of Warcraft

Veteran WoW streamer claims he’s been banned from Twitch with no reason given

Published: 23/Jan/2021 19:57

by Julian Young


On January 19, World of Warcraft creator Mohamed ‘Ziqo’ Beshir announced he would be unable to stream for several days. He later confirmed his account was suspended by Twitch, but claimed the ban came without explanation or warning.

A long-time World of Warcraft content creator and caster, Ziqo is a respected voice in the community and go-to channel for many PVP players. Known for streams and videos showing off his skill as a Mage, he become a staple of the game’s PVP scene over the years.

With tens of thousands of subscribers across his Twitch and YouTube channels, and time spent signed to respected organizations like Cloud9, Ziqo has amassed a dedicated following of fans and the respect of his fellow WoW creators.

Now Ziqo finds himself in a situation where he can’t stream “for some days,” but didn’t have any other details to share at the time. Two days later he confirmed his Twitch account was suspended until January 27, and also claimed the platform never provided a reason for his ban.

Support from fans and creators filled Twitter and Reddit. Fellow WoW streamer Nick ‘nmplol’ Polom asked if Twitch gave a reason for the ban, and Ziqo responded “Nope, zero transparency so far.” Ziqo also discussed how these events had affected him: “I feel like a criminal, I have nightmares about it.”

The creator then explained how went back to his old streams to find something that might explain the ban. “I keep replaying my streams over in my head grasping for straws,” he said. He was unable to pinpoint a reason for the ban, and said “I really feel so bad right now left in the dark.”

Ziqo YouTube Wow Mage Gameplay
YouTube / C9 Ziqo
Ziqo’s high-skill gameplay as a Mage earned him the respect of WoW’s PVP community.

After one fan remarked how creators seem to never truly be safe from getting banned, the streamer voiced his agreement and frustration with Twitch’s process: “10 years spotless record, no link to TOS violation, no warning. No one even able to have a conversation with me.”

Fellow Cloud9 WoW creator Elliott ‘Venruki’ Venczel also criticized Twitch for their handling of the ban, and said it “feels like they drastically need a policy update. How on earth can you get a suspension without any context or examples of what you did wrong?”

“Crazy how 10 years of streaming with a spotless record counts for nothing, absolutely absurd, super disappointing,” he ended his tweet. Several replies to Ziqo’s tweets showed frustration from other creators who experienced similar bans of their own channels in the past.

The platform’s policies on banning streamers have been criticized by the community many times for their ambiguity.

Ziqo confirmed that after his suspension ends, he plans to release a video that could help explain the ban and will “share my thoughts on this situation.” The community will need to wait and see if the creator does decide to share more details on his suspension when he returns to Twitch.