Insane Hardcore WoW player reaches level 20 as Mage with no spells

James Lynch
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Hardcore World of Warcraft has been out for some time and a lot of players have made it all the way to the Level 60 cap. As such, many are seeking to add extra layers of challenge, and one Mage player is taking this to the extreme.

In a post on Reddit, one user detailed how they have reached Level 20 in Hardcore WoW. So far, so normal. The story becomes deeply impressive when the player details how they have been able to reach this milestone as a Mage without using any spells.

For those who don’t know, a Mage without spells is like a Warrior without limbs. The class is incredibly squishy and relies on crowd control and high-damage, spammable spells to clear out enemies. Without those on the table, the class is rendered effectively useless.

Or so it seemed, until Meleemageez came along to dispel that theory. Though the character does have decent gear for their level, it shouldn’t really make much of a difference. Simply melee-attacking enemies with a sword should not output enough damage to keep the player competitive.

As the run progresses, it will likely rely on clever use of Engineering grenades and other items to output significant enough damage to kill mobs and maintain the health of the Mage. Whether this plucky player will make it all the way to Level 60, remains to be seen.