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Blizzard respond to WoW Classic layering system exploits

Published: 6/Sep/2019 6:53 Updated: 6/Sep/2019 7:27

by Joe O'Brien


Blizzard have responded to criticisms of World of Warcraft Classic’s layering system and revealed plans to prevent exploits.

While Blizzard have been quite strict about keeping WoW Classic in the game’s original state – even deliberately reproducing certain minor bugs in order to give players the game exactly as they remember it – one of the few changes has been the use of a layering system.

In original ‘vanilla’ WoW, every server was a single, self-contained space, meaning that any two players who were in the same location in-game would always be able to see and interact with each other.

Over the years, however, retail WoW introduced systems such as cross-realm play and layering, which improved certain new mechanics, such as group finders and the world evolving as players completed particular quests, but it also cost some of the feel of each server being a distinct world.

While there is no cross-realm play in WoW Classic, Blizzard have used layering for the game’s launch. Layering separates the server into layers – effectively multiple copies of the world for players to occupy – which the developers felt was necessary for the game’s launch, so that the competition for the limited resources available in each zone for quests and other activities wasn’t too extreme as thousands of players joined simultaneously.

WOWWoW Classic launched to immense popularity.

Though most players recognize the necessity for layering in the early days of WoW Classic, some exploits of the system have arisen that some players believe are having an adverse effect on the in-game economy.

To ensure that players aren’t separated from their friends because they’ve been assigned to different layers, joining a party automatically shifts all players to the same layer. However, this means that deliberate “layer-hopping” can be used to gain access to additional resources without having to wait for respawns, allowing for more efficient farming for both experience and rare materials.

Blizzard have now responded to the exploits, with developer Pazorax stating that they’ve been monitoring the use of layering, and are planning to implement extra controls – including adding a delay between layer transfers – in order to prevent exploits.

Blizzard Entertainment

Pazorax also states, however, that in many cases anecdotes of layer exploiting have been exaggerated, and the issue isn’t actually as significant as some players are suggesting.

“We also want to assure you that the issue is a much smaller problem than some people are claiming. We’ve been closely monitoring the effect layering is having on economies and other aspects of the game, and many of the stories we see posted are wildly inaccurate. We’ve seen screenshots of banks full of rare crafting materials, which we’ve investigated and proved false.”

“All realms have a single-digit number of layers. Most of them have a low single-digit number. Rest assured that there are not people running around with banks full of (Thorium) Arcane Crystals or Black Lotus.”

Fortunately for players who aren’t fans of layering, Blizzard have stated that they intend to remove the system altogether as soon as they can. Once players are more spread out in the world, rather than being concentrated in the early zones, and perhaps some of the initial hype has died down, it should be possible for servers to exist as a single ‘layer’ without being problematically over-crowded.

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WoW cosplayer’s impressive Sylvanas gets Blizzard’s seal of approval

Published: 27/Oct/2020 12:25 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 17:26

by Lauren Bergin


One of the most iconic characters of the World of Warcraft franchise is Sylvanas Windrunner, the infamous banshee seen in the Shadowlands trailer. A cosplay by Cinderys injects some new life into the famous undead warrior. 

With the pre-patch World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launching on the 13 October, the buzz surrounding the game’s newest installment is beginning to rise. As we draw ever closer to release, there’ll likely be a host of new Shadowlands content to keep us occupied.

The events of Shadowlands take place after the Battle for Azaroth, and see players travel deep into the Shadowlands to thwart their undead nemesis; fan-favorite archer turned banshee Sylvanas Windrunner. The Shadowlands themselves have come to represent the game’s equivalent of the afterlife, and while intriguing, are clearly home to a plethora of new, dangerous enemies.

However, Parisian cosplayer Cinderys (Sonia Grillet) has helped to blur the veil between the real world and the WoW universe by creating a stunning cosplay rendition of the Shadowlands antagonist.

Becoming the Banshee Queen

At first glance, Cinderys could easily be Sylvanas – or at least an illustration of her. Framed against the murky background of the Shadowlands, Cinderys is adorned in corrupted high eleven armor sporting Sylvanas’ masterfully crafted longbow. Ash blond hair cascades down her shoulders, providing some welcome respite to the dark, shadowy surroundings. However, getting to this point clearly wasn’t easy.

In a series of WIP photos, Cinderys shows the step by step process that led to the creation of the iconic Dark Lady, with one image showing the incomplete bust piece that lies at the center of Sylvanas’ armor.

A second photograph shows some of the behind the scenes work that went into the iconic longbow. With the finalized product sitting next to a blueprint of how to build it, it’s proof of just how much work has gone into the creation of the famous weapon.

Hail to the queen

With 3,000 likes on the image alone, Cinderys cosplay certainly attracted attention. The cosplay queen shared a post on Instagram showing the Blizzard liked the tweet of Cinderys as Sylvanas. Cinderys’ excitement is infectious; seeing Blizzard respond to her cosplays caused a wave of appreciative fan comments and support.

Just in time for spooky season, Cinderys proves that even in these wild times we can dress up and lose ourselves a little. Sometimes it’s time to be queen, so it’s worth taking a leaf out of Cinderys’ book and putting some effort into our passions. After all, we have all the time in the world.