Asmongold sheds light on “super serious” racism issues in World of Warcraft community

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Asmongold World of Warcraft racism

Asmongold shed some light on the “super serious” racism he witnessed in World of Warcraft, explaining that the discrimination he’s seen is some of the “worst stuff” a human can do.

World of Warcraft is still the most popular MMORPG to date despite being released all the way back in 2004. However, Azeroth is tainted by a systemic racism problem, according to Nick ‘Nmplol’ Polom, who turned heads when he said he hoped everyone would “stop playing” the game.

Nmplol had a “bad time” playing World of Warcraft due to the incessant racism professional players subjected him to. He believes the only way to teach them a lesson is for the population to diminish. So, he was happy to see Asmongold move on to other MMORPGs, even if it’s only temporary.

Nmplol talks about dealing with racism from wow pros
Nmplol had some horrific experiences with racism on World of Warcraft.

Asmongold came out in support of him, detailing a “super serious” racist incident he witnessed. “There was… a guild on Faerlina, my server, and they found out that a guy was black and they kicked him out of the guild,” he said.

But that’s only the beginning. After kicking him, they “re-invited” him back into the guild, only to ask him if he was “still black.” Then, they kicked him once again while snickering amongst themselves.

“This is actually really bad stuff,” he added. “It’s like… super serious racism. It’s the legitimate worst stuff you could possibly do.”

But despite the horrific incident, and thousands of viewers wanting him to stop playing the game, Asmongold isn’t done with WoW just yet.

However, his comments seem to support Nmplol’s recent claims that racism is running rampant in World of Warcraft, particularly in professional circles, and it helps raise awareness, and hopefully change.

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