Nmplol explains how “racist” WoW pros make him happy Asmongold is playing other MMOs

Nmplol talks about dealing with racism from wow prosTwitch/nmplol

Twitch star Nick ‘nmplol’ Polom exposed World of Warcraft pros and devs in a rant about his hatred for the game during a July 12 stream.

During his stream, Nmplol was talking about Asmongold’s recent Final Fantasy 14 broadcasts and how well his streams have been performing, which got the entertainer on a bit of a tangent.

According to Nick, he “hates” most things that have to do with World of Warcraft and is calling for the game’s playerbase to turn to other MMOs, just as Asmongold did.

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“I had a pretty bad time playing World of Warcraft,” he explained. “A lot of the pro players were racist to me, so I really hate all the pro players. Well, not all, but a lot of them.”

Nmplol didn’t reveal which players were racist to him, but it’s certainly concerning to say the least.

Additionally, Nick took issue with the devs for having “massive egos” even though they’ve “killed their entire playerbase.”

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“I’m actually really happy that Asmond and Rich are doing so well under other MMOs, because it pretty much shows you that the people do want good MMOs. People want to watch good MMOs and people want to play good MMOs,” he added.

The Twitch star continued to rally, claiming Blizzard was doing a “terrible job” and not listening to feedback. All this pushed Nmp to call for more players to stop putting time into WoW that could be spent on other games.

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“I just hope everyone stops playing WoW. Just stop playing. If you’re playing WoW, like, just stop. Go play Final Fantasy or something,” he instructed. “They will only learn once their entire playerbase is gone. It’s the only way.”

While it seems unlikely that Nmp can convince that many people to stop playing, the fact that big streamers such as Asmongold have played a lot of other MMOs on stream can definitely have a major impact. We’ll just have to see what the future holds and if there is enough backlash against Blizzard to result in the change Polom so desperately wants.

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