Asmongold shares first impressions of WoW Dragonflight: “A step in the right direction”

asmongold white shirtAsmongold

Twitch star Asmongold gave his thoughts on World of Warcraft Dragonflight after playing the expansion’s first alpha test and had positive things to say about its design philosophy.

Asmongold made his name on Twitch as the broadcasting site’s biggest streamer of World of Warcraft.

With the MMO’s next expansion, Dragonflight, on the horizon, many WoW diehards have been curious what the 31-year-old streamer thinks about it after having played private the alpha test.

Now, the Texas-based streamer has shared his thoughts, more positive to dish than negative.

asmongold-wow-dragonflightBlizzard / Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has been outspoken about WoW in the past.

Asmongold delivers first impression of WoW Dragonflight

The OTK-streamer posted a video on July 16 explaining how he felt about playing Dragonflight for the very first time.

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Off the bat, Asmon is happy that Dragonflight doesn’t have one massive game-changing feature. He went into details bout why it’s a good thing and said, “I think Blizzard has realized that a lot of times these things get iterated on inside the expansion and by the time the expansion is over they pretty much stop happening and get removed. And all that time and effort and work is pretty much wasted.”

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Asmon claimed that, although some WoW players have complained there is no “one big thing” being added, overall, it’s good for Blizzard to focus on fine-tuning the game rather than introducing a new mechanic that might never even be supported beyond the life of Dragonflight.

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While he’s said in the past it would take a couple of expansions to fully get WoW back on track as the premiere MMO title on the market, Dragonflight “could be the first step in that direction.”

He also clarified that the expansion still isn’t fully out, and many of the new systems like reworked talent trees and the new Evoker class are still rough outlines rather than a final product.

Despite that, Asmon is happy that Blizzard might be working towards fine-tuning the game rather than going overboard with an overly ambitious product like in years past.

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