The S1mple question: How to utilize CSGO’s GOAT? - Dexerto

The S1mple question: How to utilize CSGO’s GOAT?

Published: 9/Oct/2019 12:47 Updated: 5/Dec/2019 11:56

by Dexerto


Written by Stuchiu

The great shame of Na`Vi’s 2018-2019 run is that they had the greatest player in history and never became the best team in the world.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is THE greatest prodigy that Counter-Strike has ever produced.

We’ve seen players like Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, and Nikola “NiKo” Kovac be the best in the world without being on the best team.

However, no one has reached the levels of peak consistency that s1mple has.

As Na`Vi transitions out of the Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko system, they have to ask themselves the s1mple question. What is the best way to utilize s1mple?

If they can answer that question correctly, Na`Vi could be the best team in the world.

Call of Duty

Cold War’s most overpowered weapon & Vikkstar123 interview | CharlieIntel Podcast #10

Published: 24/Nov/2020 16:05

by Shane King


In Partnership with Xfinity

Vikkstar123 joins our usual hosts this week to his recent move into co-ownership of the London Royal Ravens and also how Black Ops Cold War compares to Modern Warfare.

Mike & Keshav welcome Vikkstar to Episode #10 of the CharlieIntel Podcast. During this week’s episode, we discuss the opening week of Black Ops: Cold War, covering everything from the game’s weapon balancing to a record-breaking opening day for Activision and Treyarch.

The hosts discuss the much-anticipated return of the real Greenwall to the Call of Duty League and what this means for the CDL as a whole, including branding and also name value. Another topic of interest was the record break launch of Cold War and if it has lived up to its predecessor in Modern Warfare in terms of it being the full package.

With Vikkstar, the group talks all things BOCW, including how skill-based matchmaking is affecting his enjoyment of the game as well as his favorite weapons to use when playing multiplayer.

They also address the YouTuber’s move to join up with the London Royal Ravens to become a co-owner and what this means going forward with his content.

You can also listen to this podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well.