Pop Flash: Is Karrigan the Best Leader Ever? | ESL Pro League Review



Following FaZe’s first-place finish at ESL Pro League Season 15, the Pop Flash crew discussed the NA org’s chances at an Intel Grand Slam, and just how Karrigan stacks up to the best IGLs out there.

After taking down foes like NAVI, FURIA, and ENCE in ESL, FaZe were officially crowned Season 15 champions. Karrigan and the rest of FaZe Clan are now halfway to completing the Intel Grand Slam since they won the EPL and IEM Katowice 2022.

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In this episode of the Pop Flash, Richard Lewis, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, and Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat discuss the results of ESL, who the best CS:GO IGL is, the problems with Team Liquid’s CSGO roster and much, much more.

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