xQc slams "entitled" Valorant "haters" for criticizing game's graphics - Dexerto

xQc slams “entitled” Valorant “haters” for criticizing game’s graphics

Published: 5/Mar/2020 3:46

by Andrew Amos


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was only back on Twitch for 11 minutes before he got back to his usual opinionated self, slamming “entitled gamers” for hating on Valorant for its graphics over anything else.

While xQc was on his Twitch vacation, Riot dropped the news the gaming community had been waiting months for with the official announcement of Valorant. The developer’s first foray into the FPS genre has been hyped by many, although there’s been one major community criticism.

In the Alpha footage shown on March 2, players have complained the graphics look very low-spec for a game released in 2020, berated its cartoon feel.


However, xQc disagrees. The former Overwatch League pro is hyped for Valorant, and looked to hit back at criticism ⁠— opposed to defending Riot ⁠— for their upcoming FPS title.

“I don’t know why anyone is hating the art style, the art style looks fine, is it not,” he said. “Guys I know why people are so mad, they say it looks like a mobile game, [but] we’ve had maybe the trashest FPS experiences in the last couple of years.

“We’ve had the most garbage gameplay and a game comes out, and you’ll complain about the graphics? Holy sh*t gamers are so entitled it’s incredible. I never seen it before dude ⁠— gamers are like the piece of sh*t breed.”


Gameplay-wise, Valorant looks to hit many targets players have been wanting for a while. Good netcode and 128-tick servers are appealing to the CS:GO crowd, while a hero-based shooter with better balance and a defusal game mode can fill the void Overwatch couldn’t.

The ‘low-quality’ graphics are also a good thing for the game. Not having it run up a lot of resources compared to titles like Modern Warfare and Rainbow Six means more players can play Valorant, even if they own a toaster.

“I’m not defending it. I think it’s simple ⁠— you’re going to complain about the graphics out of everything, instead of like gameplay, netcode, map balance? I think it looks pretty good, and it means that more people get to play the game if more of the computers can run it.


xQc did have his reservations about the game, saying it “looks very slow” with all of its abilities, however it’s done nothing to kill his hype for the game’s impending release.

“I’m hyped for it though because we don’t know what it’s going to be like,” he said. “It’s like how CS is supposed to be, it’s [basically] a CS clone.”