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Will ‘Defuse’ be Valorant’s only game mode at launch?

Published: 4/Mar/2020 1:50

by Bill Cooney


Social media is abuzz with talk about Riot Game’s newly announced FPS Valorant and despite a short gameplay reveal there are still questions about what modes will be included at launch.

Valorant is set to come out sometime in Summer 2020 according to Riot, but so far interested players only have a short YouTube video of gameplay to go off of.

At the moment just one game mode has been shown off, one we’ll refer to as ‘defuse’ since it involves players defusing a bomb similar to CSGO, but there’s a good chance that won’t be the only one.

In Valorant’s official reveal on March 2, Riot said the game’s characters would “bring a unique set of tactical abilities they can use to gather information, fortify locations, scout for enemy intel, breach defensive sites, control territory, and more.”

Most of these abilities sound like they would fit right in with a ‘defuse’ mode, but they could also be put to use for other objectives.

Overwatch and CSGO, two games Valorant has been compared to, both have more than just one game mode, so it’s likely Valorant will as well.

Riot Games' Valorant.
Riot Games
Valorant gameplay has been called a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch.

Since we have gameplay footage for the so-called ‘defuse’ mode, it makes sense that one of the maps revealed so far for Valorant seems specifically designed for that, according to Counter-Strike veteran izakOOO.

The other map the CSGO player mentioned (Bind) had two teleporters, which he said were designed to facilitate one-way transportation between reactor sites.

Again, both of these maps seem made for the ‘defuse’ mode and Riot probably isn’t going to show off a map for a game mode they don’t want to be revealed yet – but if developers have two fully-made maps for this mode, they’ve probably put in enough time for maps for different game modes as well.

Riot Games
Valorant already has plenty of people from multiple different games excited about trying it out.

Exactly what types of different game modes we could see in Valorant depend on which direction developers want to take the game.

We could see King of the Hill and Escort maps similar to Overwatch, or modes like Search & Destroy or Domination akin to Call of Duty, but only time will tell.

For now, we do know that a ‘Defuse’ mode is coming though, so if you want to get a leg-up on other competitors in preparation for the Valorant beta coming soon, you could drop into a few games of CSGO and get used to the bomb-based mode.


Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 NA and Europe: Streams, format, schedule

Published: 26/Jan/2021 17:33

by Andrew Amos


The Valorant Champions Tour is kicking off in 2021 with Stage 1. There’s plenty of action to come, so here’s the NA & EU VCT stream, schedule and more!

  • EU & NA Stage 1 Challenger events run from February 4 – 7.
  • Slots in the Stage 1 Masters tournament are on the line.
  • 100 Thieves and Team Heretics primed to defend their regional titles.

It’s Valorant Champions Tour time! If the event calendar has you a little baffled, then check out our comprehensive explainer right here, and if you’re looking to get up-to-speed with global coverage, our dedicated global hub has all of the info you’ll need!

Valorant Champions Tour: Streams

The Valorant Champions Tour will be streamed on both the official Valorant Twitch, as well as the two regional channels. We have embedded those below for your convenience.

VCT NA: Stream

VCT EU: Stream

VCT NA & EU: Schedule

Both NA and EU’s Stage 1 kick off on February 4. While the times have not yet been released, all the dates you need are listed below:

VCT Stage 1 NA dates:

  • Challengers 1: February 4 – 7
  • Challengers 2: February 18-21
  • Challengers 3: March 4-7
  • Masters: March 13-21

VCT Stage 2 EU dates:

  • Challengers 1: February 4 – 7
  • Challengers 2: TBA
  • Challengers 3: TBA
  • Masters: TBA

Valorant Champions Tour: Format

  • Teams will battle through three separate stages throughout the year.
  • Each stage is comprised of three Challenger events, which feed into one Masters event.
  • Masters events are where teams earn points to qualify for the Champions event.
  • 16 of the world’s best will go head-to-head in Valorant Champions to determine Future Earth’s first global champ!
Valorant Champions Tour calendar
Riot Games
The VCT promises to be a year long Valorant fiesta!

VCT Stage 1 Challengers 1: NA & Europe teams

In Europe, teams like G2 Esports, Liquid, FunPlus Phoenix, will be looking to snatch the glory from reigning First Strike champions Team Heretics.

Across the Atlantic in North America, 100 Thieves have a target on their back with TSM, Sentinels and Cloud9 Blue all keen on taking down the First Strike winners.