Valorant streamer gets jaw-dropping ace in a matter of seconds

Shay Robson
valorant jett using bladestorm throwing knives at camera

A Valorant streamer achieved the seemingly impossible by getting an ace with the classic pistol in just a mere few seconds.

We’ve all had those special moments while gaming where you feel in top form. Whether it’s luck or skill, pulling off a clutch or a cool trick can make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

When playing Riot’s tactical 5v5 first-person shooter Valorant, moments like those can happen pretty often thanks to the range of agents that provide endless opportunities.

Recently, one streamer pulled off the clip of a lifetime, getting an ace with a pistol just seconds after the round started.

Valorant characters
Valorant has a pretty high skill-ceciling, allowing players to pull off insane clips.

In a clip shared to Twitter on August 26, small Valorant creator Asylix got an ace they’ll never forget.

Just after the round started, the Skye player used the agent’s Trailblazer ability, where they spotted all five enemies at once.

Asylix quickly reacted by flashing the enemies, before pushing them like a maniac. “Yo they’re concussed, their whole f**king team,” the player said.

Surprisingly, it all went to plan, as one after the other, in quick succession, the small streamer popped each opponent one by one with a clean headshot only using their pistol.

After just 7 seconds of combat, the round ended, and the reaction was priceless as the streamer’s team erupted with excitement.

It might not be the most impressive clip we’ve seen throughout Valorant’s time, but it’s certainly worthy of commendation.

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