Valorant ‘Spike Rush’ could be the next game mode coming soon

Riot Games

Valorant’s next game mode could be right around the corner, with a recent data mine potentially revealing its name, ‘Spike Rush,’ as well as a few potentially key details about the new playlist as well.

A June 2 release date is now set in stone for Riot’s FPS title and a heap of fresh content appears to be in the pipeline. Not only will a new Agent and a new map be available at the full launch of Valorant, but a new mode is also expected.

While references to a deathmatch variant have been leaked already, new files appear to reveal another objective-based game type on the way.

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Prominent dataminer ‘FloxaY’ originally leaked Valorant’s ranks on April 23. Now they appear to have revealed the name of the new mode: ‘Spike Rush.’

While this information should be taken with a grain of salt until official confirmation, a few key lines of text in-game could confirm the existence of this upcoming mode.

Riot Games
Players may have to be quick on their feet in this new mode.

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Riot’s latest blog post outlined how “intense” the current modes can be. “Having an alternative by launch (or a few weeks thereafter)” is a key focus for the developers.

Current competitive matches can last 30-40 minutes on average. However, a few data mined strings of code point to a more rapid alternative.

The duration of this Spike Rush mode has been pinpointed at only 8-12 minutes in comparison. Not only that, but gameplay could be in for a major shakeup through the form of temporary buffs.

“Speed boost” is one such power-up found in the Closed Beta files. This could hint at a movement speed buff for individual Agents, or even entire teams.

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While this particular dataminer has been accurate with leaks in the past, plans could always change. Developers test all sorts of things behind the scenes and Spike Rush might never see the light of day. 

With Valorant’s full release just weeks away, however, there’s a good chance this will be the new addition at launch.