Valorant pro shatters LAN kill record in VCT Pacific LCQ


A ZETA DIVISION player shattered the single-map LAN kill record in Valorant in a VCT Pacific LCQ match against RRQ.

Valorant esports’ kill record in LAN matches has been broken yet again. The record was previously set this year by Global Esports player Cahya ‘Monyet’ Nugraha, who dropped 39 kills on Astra in a VCT Pacific defeat to DRX. Gentle Mates’ Nathan ‘nataNk’ Bocqueho broke that record in the Ascension EMEA tournament weeks later with 40 kills on Split against Acend.

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This time around, ZETA DIVISION player Yuma ‘Dep’ Hashimoto recorded 42 kills in ZETA DIVISION’s VCT Pacific LCQ series against RRQ. The Japanese team won the map, Ascent, 21-19, after 16 overtime rounds

Dep recorded 12 multi-kill rounds during the map, with one three-kill round and one four-kill round. He also won two clutches and had a +2 first-kill ratio.

ZETA DIVISION player breaks Valorant map kill record

The online kill record far surpasses the LAN record, however, as multiple players have put up over 40 kills in a single map. Zheng ‘ZmjjKK’ Yongkang amassed 43 kills in a 2022 match against NORTHEPTION, while Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk famously notched 48 kills on Icebox in a VCT Masters qualifiers match against Version1 in 2021.

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Earlier this year, Ilya ‘something’ Petrov (who is now playing for Paper Rex) also got 48 kills to his name in a Challengers League Japan game against IGZIST.

Putting up these kinds of performances in a LAN setting has proved difficult for players, even in games that have had multiple overtimes.

Dep’s Ascent performance helped ZETA DIVISION move on in the tournament, with the Japanese side set to face Team Secret in the upper final on July 21. The winner of the last-chance qualifier will secure a spot at Valorant Champions 2023, the esport’s season-ending event.

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