Valorant players are scoring easy wins with sneaky Viper ults on Haven - Dexerto

Valorant players are scoring easy wins with sneaky Viper ults on Haven

Published: 9/May/2020 22:14

by Alan Bernal


A bizarre post-plant position on Haven can give Viper players a vantage point on the bomb that’s uniquely tailored to their specific needs – potentially helping them get easy round wins in Valorant.

With only a month of the closed beta going live, people are discovering new ways to use their Agents to get the edge over the competition. Though some theorycrafting revolves around pinpoint accuracy or the like, this one might make use of a glitch with Viper’s pit.

Some abilities in Valorant don’t let you use them until the game or player finds an appropriate place to set them down.


Riot Games
Viper’s gas can be used as reliable ways to cut off the other team’s vision.

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It’s here where players can find certain leeway with what the game allows for, as seen with Cypher’s spy cams and now Viper’s chemical sprayer.

User ‘MrPreuss’ showed how to line up the best plant on A site Haven so Viper can retreat to Heaven window for an otherworldly ultimate that stretches the limits of the gas.

Though the play is incredibly situational, having to retreat to the CT side of the map after planting the spike, it completely locks down the meaningful parts of the bombsite if you can place her Pit right on top of the center boxes.


Two cheeky (arguably broken) Viper ults on Haven from VALORANT

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This makes it obvious that you, as the Viper, are in Heaven. But it also forces the opposing player to either take the fight or tap the bomb, something that she can play off of.

Big brain players would try their luck at playing in Hell to give the strat another layer of trickery.

MrPreuss showed how this could funnel the last remaining opponent into a lose-lose situation if Viper plays it right. Meanwhile, a small adjustment cuts the smoke from connection to the gas in Heaven, making it a little less obvious of where to find her.


MrPreuss via Reddit
It’s a risky technique, but Viper mains can make use out of the bizarre trick.

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It would still be a far-cry from a free win, however, but it makes the round a lot more manageable for a Viper who can split 1vX scenarios into single engagements.

The clip is a great example of how players are starting to get crafty with Valorant’s mechanics that sometimes tests the limits of the game.