Valorant player shows how real sheet music can actually help you clutch a round

Liam Ho
Wingman with an Operator in Valorant

A Valorant player has shown how they use actual real-life sheet music to help them clutch rounds in the game.

Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant has exploded in popularity since its release back in 2020. Since that time we’ve seen new maps, agents, and reworks introduced into the game, however, one thing has remained the same, the core gameplay.

The classic 5v5 of attack and defense has remained a staple of Valorant since its inception. Either eliminate the entire enemy team, or detonate or defuse the spike in order to win. Whilst eliminating the enemy team is one of the more simplistic methods of winning, playing the post-plant can offer more space for potential big-brain strategies and outplays.

Once the spike is planted, defenders have 45 seconds to eliminate all attackers and defuse the spike. Alongside this, there’s no direct way of telling how long you have to defuse the bomb, meaning players have to make an educated guess on how much time they have left. However, one player has shown an ingenious strategy to bypass this very fact and tell the time.

Valorant player Reversah asked other players if they use the bomb’s rhythmic beeping noise in order to tell how much time is left, sharing a creative sheet of music in the process.

The sheet music named “Valorant Spike – How to know when you can defuse still” details the spike’s rhythm in a more musical format, allowing the musically inclined to know exactly how much time they have left before the spike explodes.

According to Reversah, the spike beeps 4 times a bar for 6 bars in total, before speeding up into 8 times a bar, then 16 times a bar, and just before it explodes, 24 times in a bar.

The sheet music could allow players to know the exact timing of the spike’s explosion, without needing to hazard a guess, allowing you to clutch rounds easier with the knowledge.