Valorant fans voice concerns as cheaters are “getting out of hand”

Shay Robson
Valorant Harbor gameplay

Valorant players are voicing their concerns to Riot as cheaters are “getting out of hand” and becoming “a joke.”

Sadly, cheating is certainly not uncommon in online games, especially in first-person shooters such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

Thankfully, in the case of Riot’s popular first-person shooter Valorant, cheating isn’t nearly as common — much thanks to the game’s Vanguard anti-cheat and the devs’ continuous efforts in tackling cheaters.

However, according to some players, cheaters are beginning to get a bit out of hand.

Valorant players concerned as cheaters become more prominent

In a July 15 Reddit thread, Valorant player ‘Sad-Prize3891’ claimed the Oceanic servers are filled with trigger bot cheaters — even going as far as to say the game is just as bad as Counter-Strike’s cheating problem.

“I made a post a few months back talking about cheaters in Valorant, but at this point, it’s becoming a joke,” they wrote. “OCE servers are just full of trigger botters that last multiple acts without getting banned. It’s actually terrible.

“People are rage-cheating in radiant elo for several games with public providers and needing to get manual’d by a Riot dev to stop them.”

They added: “Cheating is so common in Valorant now I almost mistake this game as 2018 CSGO.”

Fortunately for many, they’ve rarely encountered cheaters throughout their time playing Valorant. Although, an unlucky few also share the same problem and feel as if Riot doesn’t care.

“The cheating has definitely been getting out of hand,” one wrote. “Feels like they have been piling on reports for the last 8 months waiting to do a mass ban but they just keep letting these kids play. 2 weeks ago a kid on the other team openly admitted to cheating for 5 months on his current account with no issues. Doesn’t seem like Riot care.”

Although the issue will never be solved entirely, in the past, we’ve seen the Riot devs take legal action against cheat sellers — and it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop anytime soon.