Valorant fans are desperate for Riot to copy popular CS:GO mode

Valorant Retakes modeRiot Games

Valorant fans are desperate for Riot to take inspiration from a popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode: Retakes.

In Valorant you either play as an Attacker or a Defender. Attackers goal is to plant the spike or eliminate the opposing team, while Defenders try to prevent the plant, eliminate the enemy team, or defuse to win.

Once the spike is planted though, play can become much more difficult. That’s why Valorant players want Riot to take a page out of CS:GO’s playbook, and add a mode where teams are forced to play the round with the spike already planted, allowing for more practice in these situations.

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valorant-spike-plantRiot Games
Playing after the plant can be difficult for both sides of the spike.

Valorant fans want Riot to copy CS:GO’s Retakes mode

Reddit user g1ich suggested Riot needs to add their own version of CS:GO’s Retakes to the queue system, to give players a chance to practice this specific scenario.

“It could be used as a tool to improve their skills at the game or have fun in a more fast paced game mode,” they wrote. “Unlike spike rush (because its more of a party game mode that is still slower pace) and escalation (which also feels more of like a “party game mode” because of its “gun game” feel).”

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Other players in the comments said Valorant Retakes could even become one of the most popular modes if Riot actually decided to add it.

“[I] definitely think a Retakes game mode should be permanently added to the game system,” one said. “I believe it will be one of the most played game modes in Valorant”

Valorant taking inspiration from other FPS games like CS:GO is nothing new, but adding their own version of Retakes seems like an obvious next step to a lot of players. But, only time will tell if Riot will heed fans’ calls for another new game mode.

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