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Valorant dev teases future grapple-based Agent

Published: 3/Apr/2020 0:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Valorant may be getting a grapple-based Agent in the future based on developer comments regarding the creation of the game’s newest character, Jett.

During an interview with ESPN, game designer Bobby Prochnow discussed how Jett’s kit now is quite different than when she was in development.

As it turns out, her original design was based around grapple-based abilities, so much so that her name was initially “Grapple Thief.”

Riot Games
Jett used to be called “Grapple Thief.”

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“Her first kit centered around a grappling hook as her touchstone ability,” Prochnow revealed. “No boost, no dash, no daggers. Just a grappling hook and other tech gadgetry.”


However, as the design for the character took shape, the team decided they had too many Agents that relied on technology and opted to scrap that part of her in favor of the wind-based gameplay.

“Most of our roster already relied heavily on technology, and we wanted to make a character that had intrinsic powers – what we now call a Radiant,” he explained.

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In the interview, ESPN noted that Prochnow teased how Riot Games could potentially be saving the grapple kit for a future Agent.

It’s not uncommon for certain abilities in the development of a new character to get reworked or scrapped. That said, a lot of the time, said ability ends up making its way to another character who the move may be better suited for.


A good example of this would be Doomfist in Overwatch. In early development, the hero had a rock-throw move that was scrapped and later given to the tank Sigma.

Riot Games
Jett’s kit changed a lot in development.

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With the Valorant beta going live on April 7 and lots of gameplay to come on the 3rd, it’s possible that we are introduced to a potential grapple Agent very soon.

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