Riot Games respond to rumors of Valorant Beta starting soon

Calum Patterson
Riot Games

Riot Games have reiterated that a beta date for Valorant has not been publicly confirmed yet after reports from Eurogamer suggested that it would come “in the next few days”.

With the game itself set to launch in Summer 2020, there is only a few months for a beta to take place, if there is indeed going to be one. Then, there’s even less time for Riot to actually implement any changes for the final build before release.

So, if there is to be a beta, then we would expect it to release fairly soon. However, some also speculated that the Summer 2020 release would actually be a beta version first.

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Valorant beta in “next few days”: Update

The reason for all the rumors was a post on Eurogamer, which stated that a beta for the game will be releasing much sooner than expected.

Confirming that the title is free-to-play, and the release of Summer 2020, the article then states: “with a beta starting in the next few days.”

Update, March 3, 10:42AM EST: Riot Games has confirmed to Dexerto that the claim of a beta starting in the ‘next few days’ is “100% false.”

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Another Eurogamer article, detailing the author’s hands-on experience, states “as the game approaches its beta.”

As these reports began to circulate, rumors about a beta being just around the corner began to grow.

For now, Riot is remaining tight-lipped on when the closed beta will take place. Whether an open beta will follow remains to be seen.

The only timing we know for certain is that the game will release in Summer 2020, but no exact date has been given for the launch yet.