Valorant beta expanding to Latin America, Brazil & South Korea soon

Bill Cooney
Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that the Valorant beta will soon be available for players in Brazil, Latin America and Korea as they continue to prepare for a full release later this summer.

The Valorant beta launched in early April for North American and European players, while those in other regions have had to patiently wait for their turn to play.

Now, users in the three regions mentioned above will finally be able to get access from drops and frag out in Riot’s new FPS starting May 5.

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“Our top priority is getting as many of you, around the world, in the game as soon as we can,” Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon of Riot told fans, before adding that they’re also going to add a server based in Mexico City, as well.

“As for Mexico City, we want to get you into this closed beta so badly, but this is where we’ve hit the majority of our infrastructure delays,” SuperCakes told players. “So while we might not be able to get you in exactly on the 5th, we will be getting you in as soon as we possibly can.

Oceania, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East will have to wait a little longer, but will eventually have access during the beta, she reassured players.

Riot Games
Brasil has a storied CS:GO esports history, so it will be interesting to see how well Valorant is received.

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Korea is often the country people look to as a shining beacon for esports, but historically, the nation has never really risen to the top in CS:GO.

On the other hand though, Korean players absolutely dominate in Overwatch esports, so it will be interesting to see what kind of Valorant talent the nation can produce.

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It’s never any fun sitting on the sidelines watching other people play a hot new game, and there are plenty of Korean, Brazilian and Latin American FPS enthusiasts chomping at the bit to get their shot.

Who knows? Maybe that player who will become one of the biggest names in Valorant esports will finally get a chance to play come May 5.