Twitch streamer walks away from Valorant match to save father’s life

Valorant twitch streamer saved fathersherrng | Twitch/Tik Tok

Valorant Twitch streamer sherrng stepped away from mid-match and saved her father from potentially fatal heart problems during her stream.

Twitch streamer sherrng was doing her best to carry a tense game of Valorant. It was 13-13 overtime, and she was at the top of the leaderboard. But, just as the round started, some strange noises could be heard in the background.

After a moment, Sherr ran off stream to see what was happening. We’d later learn that it was her father trying to get her attention.

Making a hero play outside of Valorant

Sherr immediately left and didn’t come back for another 10 minutes. She repeatedly apologized for leaving while sounding noticeably panicked, and wasn’t able to give a clear reason for her absence.

Then, she ended her stream without any follow up until a Tik Tok post and a Twitch clip she made.

As it turned out, Sherr saved her father’s life in her absence from stream. Her father was having heart issues bad enough that an ambulance had to be called immediately.

A Tik Tok clip showed her leaving her stream, as well as her father being put in the ambulance. According to Sherr’s Tik Tok description, her father would have died if she hadn’t acted fast to save his life.

Unfortunately, the Valorant game was lost as a result of her absence. But it’s clear that Sherr made the right choice here.

While her team may have been relying on her to carry the Valorant game, she did a much better job of carrying IRL by managing to save her father’s life thanks to her quick thinking in a tough situation.