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Sentinels’ dapr reveals his best Valorant jump peek tips & tricks

Published: 27/Sep/2020 1:18 Updated: 27/Sep/2020 1:19

by Alan Bernal


Valorant can be a punishing tactical shooter for players to navigate, and Sentinels’ Michael ‘dapr’ Gulino shared his tips to get the perfect jump peeks off to safely check around a corner.

Jump peeking is the act of seeing around a corner then promptly concealing yourself from view, all contained in the single leap. It’s incredibly useful in games like CS:GO, Valorant, and other tactical first-person-shooters to get crucial intel while reducing the risk of getting picked off by the other team.

Though it’s a simple strategy, in theory, its an application by out-of-practice players can sometimes make them flub the landing just to get killed as soon as they try it out. Or worse, someone’s jump won’t extend as far as it has to go in order to actually get a good view.


The simple technique has a few different points to consider to really nail down the tactic, and dapr broke down exactly what kind of jump peek works for any given situation.

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According to dapr, you actually have to slightly strafe away from the angle and then quickly reverse course to see around the corner.

For a wide jump peek, he recommends going for an angle that suits your dominant hand, although every player can make use of both their right and left corner walls.

You’ll need to have full momentum while trying to go for the peek, meaning hold W with your knife out. While you can definitely pull off the trick with your gun out, just note that it will be much slower than if you have your melee weapon equipped.


For a right-angle wide peek

  • aim your crosshair close to the corner that you’re strafing
  • as you jump, strike D (to briefly ‘strafe’ right) and move your mouse slightly with the strafe
  • As you land, move the mouse left peek
  • At the same time, hit A + S (so left & back) as you’re landing

Dapr said that adding ‘S’ is the biggest differentiator from how you jump peek in CS:GO. Doing it like this lets you appear and then quickly disappear from view as you complete the trick.

As soon as you spot an opponent, a “high-level” strat will use the same method as a wide peek but a bit further away from the wall’s corner, effectively making it a narrow jump peek.

This way you’re hardly even peeking around the corner anymore. According to dapr, the idea here is no longer to see around the corner, but give your opponent the slimmest view of your character to bait out shots, in turn safely giving you info that someone is there.


As Sentinel’s Cypher expert, dapr needs to have these kinds of tricks in mind to get an early indication of potential executes or slow-pushes, so make sure to take notes from the best to use in your Valorant matches.

The best way to get good at this is to queue into a private lobby with some friends and practice jump peeking against each other – that way, you can embed it within your muscle memory for when you try and use it in live matches.