Riot sends secret message to Valorant hackers using Vanguard

Andy Williams

Riot Games have embedded the ultimate job advert within Valorant, as they seek to take their first-person shooter’s competitive integrity to the next level.

Riot have been vocal in their stance against cheating in Valorant. With the aim to take the competitive integrity of the FPS genre to new heights, the dev team have been committed to tackling hackers head-on.

By implementing systems like ‘Fog of War’ and Vanguard, they have the perfect tools for the job, if they plan on creating a level playing field for all players in Future Earth.

Although, by announcing their intentions to take down cheaters once and for all, Riot are almost goading hackers into trying to get one over the system which have been put in place — especially considering that they’ve offered a sizable lump of cash should hackers find specific flaws in their anti-cheat.

Bounty listings for hackers in Valorant.
Riot have offered up to $100,000, should someone be able to compromise their security measures.

Riot Games recruiting hackers from within

Now, it appears that Riot are taking their defense against cheaters to the next level, by urging those capable of penetrating their anti-cheat to apply for jobs on their careers page, per Vice’s report. Complete with ASCII art of the Riot Games logo, the message reads:

“Protected by packman, a Riot Games product. Developed with”

Found in both the anti-cheat and anti-tamper programmes associated with Valorant, the message is an attempt to recruit from the other side of the fence, in a bid to try and make Future Earth a safer place to frag out.

ASCII message within Valorant's anti-cheat.
Hackers that are capable of finding this message are encouraged to apply for a job at Riot Games.

Of course, given the bounty that has been previously offered for those capable of tackling the seemingly impenetrable layers of security behind Valorant, it might be a while before the applications come flooding in.

Although, one thing’s for sure… Riot are standing firm in their stance against cheaters. With the developers even taking the liberty of pausing the recent Ignition Series tournament amid suspicions that one of the teams used cheats during the qualifier tournament.

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