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Riot hints at upcoming Valorant weapon skin themes

Published: 18/May/2020 22:38

by Alan Bernal


A new update from Riot Games gave the Valorant community clues on what weapon skins could be in development – and the developers are looking for early feedback on the possible designs.

In their “The Craft and Fantasy of Valorant Weapon Skins” post on May 18, the devs gave more details on the process that brings weapon skins from ideas into reality. It reiterated a lot of the same ideas from last week’s post about a “gameplay-first approach” with weapons, and this time it pertains to cosmetics.

But a well-placed photo in the middle of the company’s release treated eagle-eyed members of the game to, what could possibly be, a sneak peek for future skins designs.


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Riot Games
The big board of Valorant stickies that contain skin concepts.

The labels written on the stickies were analyzed closely by fans like Reddit user ‘Entertain_the_Sheep’, revealing possible names such as Instrumental / DJ, WWII / Alternate History, Viking, and more.

Producer at Riot Games, Preeti Khanolkar, responded to the list of decoded names by opening up the floor to what could be one of the first chances for players to influence the kind of skins that enter Valorant.

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“Not confirming or denying that any of these are happening (or if you’re decoding the scribble text on those stickies correctly :D), but which of those ideas is most exciting to you?” Preeti said.


Entertain_the_Sheep via Reddit
An unconfirmed list of ideas for Valorant skins from the stickies.

Though only brainstorm concepts, the Valorant Premium Content team are ideating new products that would appeal to players for them to buy into the proposed design.

Now that people caught onto where the team is thinking, Preeti opened up the floor to get direct feedback from the people that will be highly influential to the success or failure of a given skin.

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The devs outlined the drawn out process to approve and formulate a weapon design within Valorant that, if enough players agree, could make it to the game.

It’s still up in the air if we’ll truly get skins that revolve around themes like Wilderness, Horror, comic book / classic animation, and Fast and Furious, but there are bound to be players itching for them.


With Valorant still in beta and a lot more changes to come, players should take these kinds of opportunities to flood the devs with valuable feedback before the game officially launches Summer 2020.