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Riot Games respond to Sova’s “broken” arrows in Valorant

Published: 14/May/2020 11:43 Updated: 14/May/2020 15:26

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games have responded after Valorant players noticed some bizarre bugs with Agent Sova’s Arrow abilities following the recent v0.50 update.

Sova has one of the most unique ability kits out of all the characters in Valorant, equipped with a bow and arrow, the Russian agent requires players to be extremely precise to pull off strong performances.

One key element of Sova’s ability kit is the potential to add ‘bounces’ to the skills such as the Shock Bolt and Recon Bolt, which can be used to target enemies around a corner without being exposed to danger.

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Riot Games / Dexerto
Valorant players have noticed some unusual bugs with Sova’s abilities.

Valorant players can add up to two bounces on each ability using Sova’s ‘Alternate Fire’ mode after selecting their arrow of choice, however, following one of the recent patches, fans have started to notice some bugs with the feature.

Following the release of Valorant’s 0.50 patch on May 12, Sova mains have been uncovering bugs that have seemingly broken the agent’s Arrow physics, causing the bolts to go in unusual directions after bouncing off a wall.

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While Sova’s arrow is typically meant to go straight, user u/de_tropical highlighted in a clip that abilities such as the Shock bolt could accidentally reflect back on players while trying to shoot around corners.


Valorant fans also noted a glitch with Sova’s ultimate ability following the latest patch, where it would it seemingly only contain one bolt compared to the usual three, before its charges would be completely reset and forcing players to earn it.

They broke Sova in the new patch (v0.50) from VALORANT

Fortunately for fans of the popular Agent, Riot developer ‘rycoux’ revealed that they are already working on a fix for some of the unusual bugs found with Sova.

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Riot dev reveals they are already working on a fix for Sova’s major kit issues.

“Looks like we made a little booboo with some of the physical pieces of the dart. We are working on a fix right now,” Rycoux explained, sharing hope


It still remains unclear just when these issues with Sova’s kit will be fixed, although it is unlikely to take too long with Valorant devs already on the case.