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Riot confirm Valorant update to fix Phoenix Curveball bug coming soon

Published: 21/Aug/2020 11:15

by Daniel Cleary


Valorant developers Riot Games have responded to an unusual bug with Phoenix’s Curveball ability following patch 1.06, confirming a hotfix to address this bug will be added soon.

Phoenix is among one of the most popular Agents in Valorant and has an incredibly unique ability kit compared to some of the other characters.

As his name suggests, Phoenix boasts a fire-themed skill set with a powerful ‘Run it Back’ Ultimate that can bring him back to life.

However, following the update for patch 1.06, on August 20, Valorant players have now noticed a strange bug with one of the fiery Agent’s abilities.


Phoenix using Curveball ability in Valorant
Riot Games
Phoenix’s Curveball ability has been causing Valorant players some problems.

One of Phoenix’s basic abilities, Curveball, which can fire a blinding Flare Orb around corners has seemingly been causing problems, making it difficult for players to use this ability without affecting their own team.

This bizarre bug was highlighted by Valorant player Pirkzy, revealing that you have to stand quite far away from doors or corners, when using the ability, and that the blinding effect would likely run out by the time you follow up.

Riot Games designer Morello responded to the player, revealing that the ability change was actually an unintentional bug and that they are working on a fix.


They also announced this hotfix on the official Valorant Twitter account, explaining that they were aware of the unusual behavior seen with Phoenix’s Curveball.

“We’re aware of a bug in patch 1.06 with Phoenix’s Curveball behaving…differently than intended. We’re going to hotfix this as soon as possible,” they announced.

As of now, it is still unclear when exactly Riot plans on making this bugfix live in-game but Phoenix mains won’t have much longer to put up with the strange glitch.