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Ridiculous Valorant bug lets Omen climb walls

Published: 28/Apr/2020 0:29

by Bill Cooney


Another Valorant bug has been discovered, and this one allows Omen to scale up and down walls on Split like he’s some kind of Spider-Man Reaper crossover.

Omen is the next Valorant agent in line for some reworks, and developers might want to think about adding this glitch to the list of things to fix.

While his kit already provides more mobility than most other agents in the game, a player named Arrkey showed how his “From the Shadows” ultimate can actually let him climb walls on the Split map.

Valorant Omen Rope Glitch (only on Split) from r/VALORANT

Arrkey first attached to the ropes located on Split, then activated Omen’s ultimate, which lets him teleport anywhere on the map.

After teleporting to the B site directly next to a wall, he can move up and down the vertical surface as if he was still attached to the rope.

Omen is able to shoot while moving up and down as well, and Arrkey is able to reproduce the bug at several different locations around the map.

Obviously, since Split is the only map in Valorant so far with the ropes, it’s the only one that this glitch will work on, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Omen, what are you doing up there?

It’s important to note that the bug only seems to work when you’re up against a wall, so Omen can’t just go floating around in the middle of the map.

Players in the comments of the video also noted that the glitch also seems to work with Phoenix in the same way, if he activates his ultimate while attached to the rope.

This definitely seems like something developers will want to fix sooner rather than later, since it’s a pretty blatant exploit that puts agents in a spot players obviously won’t be expecting.

The good news is that you need to burn an ultimate for the glitch to work, so it probably won’t be showing up every single round on Split.

Split map in Valorant
Riot Games
The bug only works on Split, so if you draw another map, you’re in the clear.

We should be getting another update from Riot developers sometime this week, since they’ve stuck to a weekly patch schedule throughout the beta, but whether or not a fix for this bug will be included remains to be seen.


Valorant pros ShahZam and WARDELL spark feud over “rats” comment

Published: 29/Oct/2020 13:45

by Lauren Bergin


Former CS:GO players turned Valorant pros Sentinels ShahZam and TSM WARDELL have had a fiery exchange over Twitter. 

Even at the highest level of esports, trash talk remains common between the big name players, contributing to in-game rivalries that spice up any match.

There’s some age old rivalries between esports organizations like G2 Esports and Fnatic, never mind within the player base itself. Although sometimes these rivalries stay lighthearted, they can ignite and start a real feud.

This is exactly what appears to have happened between former CS:GO pros turned Valorant stars Shahzeb ‘ShahZam’ Khan of Sentinels and Matt ‘WARDELL’ Yu of TSM.

The TSM player gave the video a fiery reaction.

WARDELL responds to ShahZam video

The fiery exchange began when the Sentinels posted a short clip of ShahZam talking about his feelings towards TSM. With ShahZam stating that be believes Sentinels have more consistency than TSM, admitting that he does “like to seem them lose,” the video received a knee-jerk response from the TSM player.

WARDELL hit back with a slamming criticism of the video, writing “who knew rats can talk? LMAO.” ShahZam quickly followed up with a defence of his team, stating that the video was old and asking WARDELL “why are you so mad?”

This, however, just ignited the fire more. WARDELL promptly responded to ShahZam by making fun of the player’s hair, stating that ‘it’s not silver, it’s platinum’ to which ShahZam playfully accused the TSM player as ‘having a crush’ on him.

Banter gone wrong?

A lot of fans chalked the exchange up as trash talk and banter, but others were unsure considering the genuine surprise that ShahZam appeared to show in his first tweet.

Either way, the feud has sparked a more intense rivalry between the already battling teams; a rivalry that may be settled on the battlefield of the NA First Strike tournament. It would be great to see Sentinels and TSM face off once more and settle their long established rivalry, so fingers crossed we finally get that rematch.