New vampire Valorant Agent supposedly leaked

Riot Games

Over the last week or so, various leaks regarding an upcoming Valorant character have come out and now a brand new clue has apparently been discovered on Haven.

Valorant players have noticed that several heroes have voice lines referencing a character named “Sabine” during their pre-round voice lines.

A lot of people thought at first that Sabine was simply the first name of Viper, and that’s who characters were referring to, but new evidence might prove otherwise.

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First off, Viper doesn’t have the ability to “suck the life” out of enemies, as the voice lines imply that Sabine can, her poison only damages enemies.

Plus, Viper has lines of her own referencing the unreleased character: “Sabine, Sabine, what have you been working on over there?”

Images of what seem to be a profile picture have also appeared, and show the agent wearing a helmet that resembles Boba Fett, with only her mouth showing.

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Reddit user Jakeskics added fuel to the Sabine conspiracy fire when they discovered an in-game image of the upcoming agent on Haven.

Sabine, is that you?

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Riot themselves have said we’ll be getting two more agents released during the beta, along with two new maps, and at this point we would put money on Sabine being one of the new characters to be released.

As far as her abilities or kit goes, we don’t know much more than what’s been given to us in the voice lines. She’s called a vampire and references to a “life-stealing” ability are have been heard, so she might be able to sap life from enemies to heal herself and her team, possibly sort of similar to Moira in Overwatch.

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This is all just speculation at this point, as nothing specific has been revealed yet about her kit, but Sage is the only Sentinel agent so far, so it would make sense to add another healer/support before the end of the beta.

Riot Games
Sage could definitely use some backup in the healing category.

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We saw Valorant beta patch 0.49 announced on April 28 which finally brings ranked play to Valorant, but didn’t include any new agents or maps.

With Riot sticking to a weekly update schedule for the game though, we might not have to wait too long to figure out what makes the mysterious Sabine tick.

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