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How to watch 100 Thieves Valorant tournament ft. Shroud, Summit1g, more

Published: 14/Apr/2020 10:16 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 18:46

by Connor Bennett


100 Thieves are hosting one of the first VALORANT tournaments involving streamers as well as former and current esports professionals. So, here is everything you need to know about it.

When the Valorant closed beta went live on April 7, gamers from across the world quickly flocked to Twitch streams in hopes of getting access to the beta. Plenty of players have already tried out a match in Riot Games’ first-person shooter, with a few professional players from other titles even switching over with hopes of achieving success in Valorant. 

We’ve already seen a Twitch Rivals tournament with plenty of high-level streamers involved, as well as a special show match between a set of former CS:GO players and the developers of the game themselves. Now, 100 Thieves have decided it’s their turn to host some top level action, with eight stacked teams set to square off in the 100 Thieves Valorant Invitational.

Riot Games
Valorant has already made waves in the FPS market.

What time is the 100 Thieves Valorant Invitational event?

The eight-team 100 Thieves Valorant Invitational kicks off on Tuesday, April 14th at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT/6 pm BST/7 pm CEST – meaning that fans from around the globe can watch the action at a pretty reasonable time.

The matches should start pretty quickly after the show gets underway barring technical difficulties – it is an online event after all. 

100 Thieves Valorant Invitational event streams

Previous events hosted by 100 Thieves have had a centralized stream where viewers can watch the action from every single match – be it the full game with casters or quick-hit highlights of impressive kills. 

They haven’t yet announced if they’re doing that but you’ll no doubt be able to catch the matches on the streams of everyone who is playing. We’ve assembled a few Twitch broadcasts below so you could grab some Valorant beta access for yourself. 

Watch live video from Nadeshot on

Watch live video from xQcow on

Watch live video from TimTheTatman on

Watch live video from summit1g on

Who is playing in the 100 Thieves Valorant Invitational event?

As for the teams taking part in the event, there are a number of former and current professional esports athletes set for battle. Of course, 100 Thieves Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag will be leading a team – and he’s picked up four players from his org’s CS:GO squad.

Former CS:GO pro turned Mixer star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has also called on a few of his former teammates, while TimTheTatMan has got an all-star line-up of players from Overwatch, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and more.

As of writing, there are still three squads that haven’t been announced so we’ll be sure to update when possible.

Team name Roster
Team Nadeshot Nadeshot, JKS, Jkaem, AZR, Gratisfaction
Team Shroud Shroud, Skadoodle, Brax, AZK, Hiko
Team Yassuo Yassuo, xQc, Moxy, Timmy, Albralelie
Team TimTheTatMan TimTheTatMan, Mendo, Ace, Fl0m, Poach
Team Courage Courage, N0thing, Shahzam, Sick, Crashies
Team Dr Disrespect Dr Disrespect, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
Team Ninja Ninja, Waifu, Lefaa, Minish, Kephrii
Team Summit1G Summit1G, ELiGE, Stewie2K, TenZ, steel

With some pretty competitive and ridiculous FPS shooter players involved, the 100 Thieves event will no doubt provide some insane highlights for everyone to enjoy.

There might not be any money on the line for the competitors but there is sure to be a whole host of bragging rights. Plus, there might even be a bit of beta access dropped for viewers. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Dating app Bumble join Gen.G in search for all-female Valorant roster

Published: 28/Oct/2020 16:36

by Adam Fitch


Gen.G Esports are looking to recruit an all-female team in Valorant and have brought in Bumble to help with the search.

They originally came together in 2019 to launch Team Bumble, an initiative that housed the first all-female team in Fortnite.

Expanding their partnership, Team Bumble will continue to “create and champion a safer environment for women online” in esports by recruiting a roster in Riot Games’ new FPS title.

The search for an all-women team in Valorant has already begun, with Gen.G requesting clips, ranks, and competitive experience to be sent to them via email by hopeful recruits.

GenG and Bumble take to Valorant
Maddiesuun is assisting in the construction of the Valorant roster.

Gen.G’s partnership with Bumble is buzzing

To help with the recruitment process, Gen.G Fortnite player Madison “Maddiesuun” Man will serve as a mentor and talent scout in Valorant.

“As we discover new talent, we’re pushing towards an environment where women gamers are not treated as separate, but are given the full opportunity to scrim and develop their skills,” she said. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to mentor and create with the next wave of Team Bumble pros.”

The partnership between the organization and the dating app has been well-received since its inception, so there’s little doubt that this latest move will land well with the community. As well as Maddiesuun, Team Bumble houses Tina “TINARAES” Perez, Carlee Gress, and Hannah Reyes.

“By expanding Team Bumble with an all-women Valorant team, we are laser focused on finding the best untapped female talent on the planet,” said Gen.G’s general manager Nate Stanz.

“We will be integrated into the North American scene quickly, including scrims with and against our current roster. We commit to providing the correct competitive tools for the quickest path to success for all our players.”

On October 25, Cloud9 announced that they had signed the first all-female Valorant esports roster. Named Cloud9 White, the goal is to eventually combine the organization’s two rosters made up of “the best players” regardless of gender.