How to use Sova’s Shock Bolt in Valorant to get instant kills

Andy Williams
Riot Games / Dexerto

With Valorant’s closed beta player base continuously growing, more clever ways of using Sova’s arrows are surfacing – and these Shock Bolt lineups will help you catch the enemy off-guard on Bind.

There are no other characters like Sova in Valorant. Equipped with a bow and arrow, the Initiator Agent can gather essential info with their Recon Bolt or completely dissect a map with their Shock Bolt.

While the Recon Bolt is arguably Sova’s most prized possession, the Shock Bolt can be devastating if used correctly. At 100 Creds a pop, the value-to-damage ratio is like no other weapon in the game.

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Sova's Shcck Bolt ability in Valorant.
Riot Games
Sova’s Shock Bolt is a handy tool to have in your arsenal if you’re looking to clear out corners without peeking and risking your life.

While most Sova mains are usually concerned with perfecting their Recon Bolt lineups, one Reddit user has found a way to use Shock Bolts to dish out insane damage during the early stages of a round.

Fickle_Platypus’ demonstrated exactly how they eliminate enemies from key choke-points on Bind’s A Reactor Site with nothing but their bow and arrow.

The first lineup shown will get rid of an enemy holding the corner between U-Hall and the Teleporter near A-Short, while the second will take out anyone holding Heaven at the back of the site.

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In terms of lining the arrows up, the Redditor doesn’t specifically pinpoint how they align each location. Although, as long as you jam yourself up against each box, aim within the rough vicinity and charge you arrow the same amount, you should be able to land each bolt.

For convenience, we’ve included screenshots of each arrow, which highlights to approximately location for alignment and how much charge is necessary.

U-Hall Shock Bolt on Reactor Site A (Bind)

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Heaven Shock Bolt on Reactor Site A (Bind)

If you’re looking to completely master your craft and embrace your inner Legolas, then check out one Redditor’s savvy application which shows how to perfectly line up both Recon and Shock Bolts.

It’s worth noting that having some predetermined locations under your belt for Sova’s arrows will always come in handy, especially if you’re looking to be a valuable asset for your team and improve your rank!