How to play as Brimstone: Valorant’s versatile Controller Agent

by Andy Williams


Brimstone boasts one of the most versatile arsenals in Valorant. We delve into the Controller Agent's abilities to see how they fare in battle and give you everything you need know. 

Brimstone is described as Valorant's ‘unmatched boots-on-the-ground commander’ who boasts an orbital arsenal that will aid any team in combat.

The Agent’s extensive utility belt ensures that his squad is always at an advantage in a post-plant situation — but why is Brimstone so effective? Let's break down the Agent and see why they're a 'Jack of all trades.'


Brimstone abilities

Valorant's Brimstone.
Riot Games

Brimstone’s sports a relatively selfless set of abilities, which will help any team in a post-plant scenario. His ability set are as follows:

  • Ability 1 — Stim Beacon (100 Creds): EQUIP a stim beacon. FIRE to toss the stim beacon in front of Brimstone. Upon landing, the stim beacon will create a field that grants players rapid fire.
  • Ability 2 — Incendiary (300 Creds): EQUIP an incendiary grenade launcher. FIRE to launch a grenade that detonates as it comes to a rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within the zone.
  • Signature Ability — Sky Smoke (1 free; 100 Creds for extra): EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to set locations where Brimstone's smoke clouds will land. ALTERNATE FIRE to confirm, launching long-lasting smoke clouds that block vision in the selected area.
  • Ultimate Ability — Orbital Strike (6 Points): EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to launch a lingering orbital strike laster at the selected location, dealing high damage-over-time to players caught in the selected area.


Players are granted one of Brimstone’s Signature Abilities right off the rip, with any extra costing 100 Creds — which is capped at three smokes at any given time.

Given the affordability of Sky Smokes, they’re ideal to isolate certain portions of the map when on the offensive side, either when taking a Reactor Site or for buying precious time while defending the Spike in the post-plant situation... So Riot labeling him as a ‘Controller’ Agent is quite apt.

Brimstone's smokes in Valorant.
Riot Games / Dexerto
Smokes force enemies to maneuver around them, buying valuable seconds for you and your teammates.

Brimstone gameplay

Former Counter-Strike pro, Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez, showcased all of Brimstone’s abilities during Dexerto’s exclusive early gameplay. So let’s dive right in.


Within the opening clips, we see just how simple it is for Brimstone to deploy either their Sky Smoke or Orbital Strike, as he whips out a holographic radar to give him an overview of the whole map — perfect for targeting precise locations within a nearby vicinity.

Brimstone's Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike radar in Valorant
Riot Games / Dexerto
There are two ways to deploy Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (as visible at the bottom of the radar in the center of the image).

At 0:47 we catch a glimpse of the Agent’s devastating Ultimate Ability. As skillfully highlighted by Maniac, as long as you position the airstrike accurately, enemies won’t stand a chance — perfect if you’re defending from an oncoming push (like when enemies group in Hookah on Bind).

Brimstone’s Stim Beacon is perfect to use in the opening engagements of a round, as it issues all Agents a temporary boost in the fire rate of their weapon. Maniac places their beacon so both he and Phoenix benefit from it at 0:54.


By giving their weapon Rapidfire, Maniac gets the entry frag and easily trades their teammates' death to give them the man advantage in the round — while only losing 26 Shield Points and 12 Health Points. Although be mindful of where you place the beacon, as enemies may benefit from your Ability, which could prove costly.

(Brimstone gameplay begins at 5:30 mark for mobile users)

Dexerto’s take: Valorant’s must-have Agent

As explained by Maniac, one use for Brimstone’s smoke is “faking a situation” and is one of the primary reasons why the Counter-Strike veteran believes that the Agent is essential when on the offensive. “I do believe that on the offense, [Brimstone] is almost a must-have for any lineup.”

Brimstone's buy menu in Valorant.
Riot Games / Dexerto
Stim Beacon costs 100 Creds for each, while their Incendiary will set you back 200 Creds.


In terms of the Agent’s Signature and Ultimate combo, Maniac describes them as almost invaluable when both taking control of a Reactor Site and while defending them in post-plant scenarios — the Orbital Strike specifically will come in handy when in a do-or-die clutch situation.

But while Brimstone is most definitely needed on a squad, he is clearly more of a ‘support’ character — designed more to bolster your teammates' chances of winning a round, as opposed to creating the flashy, individual plays... If you prefer going in for the early kills, perhaps a Duelist like Raze, Jett or Phoenix are more up your alley!

So there you have it. Brimstone is an effective Agent for someone gunning to be a team-oriented player, with a broad utility belt at their disposal.