Where to find the KAY/O easter egg in Valorant

Valorant KAY/O helmet release trailerRiot Games

As the Valorant story continues to progress, Riot Games are sneaking cheeky little easter eggs into the game, and there’s a new one that requires KAY/O and Brimstone. 

With Valorant Episode 3, Act 1 well underway, the newest Agent to join the fray is KAY/O, the emotionless weapon of war.

While little is known about this terrifying terminator, or the title’s lore in general, we’re aware that he was built by german genius Killjoy. His purpose is to destroy radiants, but whether not he’s gone full Terminator-style and breached is protocol is a mystery.

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As we continue to learn more and more about the game’s lore, there’s a new little easter egg that may give us some hints about KAY/O‘s relationship to the c0-founder of Valorant, Brimstone.

Valorant KAY/O and BrimstoneRiot Games
Brimstone has a pretty big part to play in KAY/O’s story.

Where to find Valorant’s KAY/O easter egg

As we see in Riot’s official release trailer for KAY/O, Brimstone appears to be training the mechanical menace to terrorize the opposing Valorant forces. Brought to life, again and again, learning from his mistakes and forcing him to adapt, Brimstone is responsible for transforming KAY/O into a weapon of mass destruction.

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Therefore, when one fan discovered a fun little easter egg while playing as Brimstone but using KAY/O’s dedicated FIRE/ARM Classic skin, everything started to fall into place.

In order to try this out for yourself though, there’s a few steps you’ll need to take first:

  1. Reach Tier 10 in KAY/O’s contract to unlock the FIRE/ARM Classic.
  2. Equip it via the Arsenal tab.
    • Select the Classic, scroll through your skins until you find it, then choose ‘equip.’
  3. You also need to equip the Memory Chip gun buddy and Memory Log player card.
    • These are unlocked at Tier 6 and Tier 9 of KAY/O’s contract respectively.
  4. Jump into match and lock in Brimstone.
  5. When you pull out your Classic, the Memory Chip buddy will be open instead of closed.
KAY/O Easter egg Valorantu/Banana_Leclerc12
As you can see, the normally closed gun buddy is open for Brimstone. Why? Good question.

What does this mean exactly? The guesses are endless. Clearly Brimstone is the one who has brought KAY/O into the fray, but why? And was it the good Brimstone, or the alternate universe one?

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Art lead Sean ‘oniram177’ Marino responded to the player’s discovery by noting that “all [of the easter eggs] that are active have been found.” However, he also confirms that “there will be” more of these cheeky little gem coming in the future.

Until then, though, you should gear up for battle as the American Controller Agent and get ready to flex your newfound knowledge on your friends! But maybe after the shooting stops. That part is important.

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