How to perfectly line up Sova’s Shock and Recon Bolts in Valorant

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A savvy Valorant player has created the ultimate tool for Sova mains, breaking down some of the most popular arrow spots so you can make full use of your trusty bow.

Katniss Everdeen. Legolas. Sova… Each have one thing in common — their bow. But while Everdeen and the Sindarin Elf are masters of archery in their own right, Sova mains are still continuing to learn their craft.

Equipped with both a Shock Bolt and Recon Bolt, Sova can use their bow and arrow to open up a Reactor Site on the offense or to gather crucial intel on defence – but that’s providing you know how to get the best out of your bow.

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Riot Games
Sova is an Agent that is thirsty for intel and fits well into a squad on both offense and defence.

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So just how do you embrace your inner Legolas and become one with the arrow? Well, the bad news is that it requires a bit of revision… The good news is that one Reddit user has done all the hard work for you!

Given that there are no sky boxes in Valorant, there is a seemingly endless amount of possibilities of how you can use your arrow to your advantage.

Whether you’re lining up your Shock Bolt to maximise damage or aligning your Recon Bolt to get as much info as possible, ‘Sec-Student’ has created the perfect application to help you learn those all-important lineups.

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Right now, the application comes complete with a conveniently interactive map of Bind, which allows you to select your location along with screenshots and instructions to help understand exactly how to perfect each lineup.

But, per the Redditor’s comment, they’re looking to expand beyond just Bind while also including support for other Agents. “I guarantee you that by the end of the week, I will have all three maps up, and support for other Agents.”

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To top things off, they have pledged to include links to YouTube clips for those looking to get a live preview of what each lineup looks like and where it lands.

Regardless, having a plethora of predetermined locations is a fantastic resource for all of the Sova mains out there looking to get the full use of their utility.

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