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How economy works in Valorant: Kills, round wins, losses & more

Published: 7/Mar/2020 13:10 Updated: 7/Mar/2020 14:16

by Andy Williams


Valorant players will be reliant on monetary rewards to purchase weapons, shield and abilities for their Agents, but just how much will each kill, plant or defuse earn you? YouTuber Jack ‘jackfrags’ Mason has the answer!

Riot Games’ highly anticipated tactical shooter, Valorant, has been compared to Valve’s CS:GO in more ways than one.

Besides sharing fluid in-game mechanics, Valorant will utilize a round-based economy system that has been a staple of Counter-Strike gameplay for years.

Valorant's buy menu.
Riot Games
Valorant’s pre-round buy menu shows the price of each purchasable item.

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How much do kills & a round win/loss earn you in Valorant?

Of course, as per Counter-Strike’s reward-based model, certain actions will earn you more towards your expendable amount than others. But now we have a better idea of how this will pan out thanks to Jack.


Per their gameplay breakdown, jackfrags delved into the specifics of what players will earn and thus be able to spend in the buy menu, which is aptly summarized below:

  • Kill = $200.
  • Round win = $3000.
  • Round loss = $1900 – $2900.

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The YouTuber went on to explain how players will accrue a loss bonus in a similar way to CS:GO — with the first-round loss providing the least financial reward ($1900), while the maximum loss bonus is merely $100 beneath the reward for winning a round.

For all intents and purposes, this will work in a similar capacity to Counter-Strike’s loss bonus to help reinforce a losing team’s economy and put them in better stead to break their losing streak.


Unlike CS:GO, however, Valorant will only provide players with $200 per kill, according to the YouTuber. Essentially, this will place more emphasis on objective work to bolster your team’s economy.

Riot Games' Valorant gameplay on Bind.
Riot Games
Planting and defusing the Spike at Reactor Sites will be essential towards building a healthy economy.

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Another important snippet of information shared by Mason pertains to Agent selection, in that once you select one character, you are stuck with them for the duration of the match.

Given how important Agent abilities are in segmenting maps and executing pushes in Valorant, the perfect balance of offensive and support-based characters will be paramount for your team’s success.

Of course, this is all subject to change, given that the information was obtained from an alpha version of the game. But given how crucial a well-oiled economy system will be in Valorant, it’d be a strange move on Riot’s part to fiddle with something that’s tried and tested.